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Who were known as Stakhanovite?

Who were known as Stakhanovite?

The term Stakhanovite (стахановец) originated in the Soviet Union and referred to workers who modeled themselves after Alexey Stakhanov. These workers took pride in their ability to produce more than was required, by working harder and more efficiently, thus strengthening the socialist state.

Was Stakhanov a real person?

Alexey Grigoryevich Stakhanov (Russian: Алексе́й Григо́рьевич Стаха́нов, IPA: [staˈxanəf]; 3 January 1906 – 5 November 1977) was a Soviet and Russian miner, Hero of Socialist Labour (1970), and a member of the CPSU (1936).

What does Gosplan stand for?

Gosplan, abbreviation of Gosudarstvennyy Planovyy Komitet, English State Planning Committee, central board that supervised various aspects of the planned economy of the Soviet Union by translating into specific national plans the general economic objectives outlined by the Communist Party and the government.

Why were the kulaks killed?

Stalin believed any future insurrection would be led by the Kulaks, thus he proclaimed a policy aimed at “liquidating the Kulaks as a class.” Declared “enemies of the people,” the Kulaks were left homeless and without a single possession as everything was taken from them, even their pots and pans.

What ethnicity were kulaks?

kulak, (Russian: “fist”), in Russian and Soviet history, a wealthy or prosperous peasant, generally characterized as one who owned a relatively large farm and several head of cattle and horses and who was financially capable of employing hired labour and leasing land.

Why did the Gosplan fail?

The planners claimed that it was their task, not that of the price mechanism, to ensure balance between supply and demand, but the enormous complexity of their task made it impossible for them to do so.

Who introduced Gosplan in Russia?

Gosplan SSSR (Gosudarstvenny planovy komitet SSSR —the State Planning Committee of the USSR), the core state committee of the Soviet economic bureaucracy, was created in 1921. During the first Five-Year Plan (1928–1932) Valerian Kuybyshev headed Gosplan.

Why did Stalin wanted to eliminate kulaks?

Answer:District Stalin government wanted to eliminate kulaks to develop modern farms and run them along industrial lines with machinary .

Why should kulaks be eliminated?

Answer: To develop modern forms and run them along industrial lives with machinery, it was necessary to eliminate Kulaks, take away land from peasants and establish state controlled large farms.

Did the USSR have a good economy?

The Soviet Union became one of the leading industrial nations of the world. Industrial production was disproportionately high in the Soviet Union compared to Western economies.