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Who originally sang Real Wild Child?

Who originally sang Real Wild Child?

Johnny O’Keefe
The song was originally performed by Johnny O’Keefe in 1958 as “Wild One”, but the title was changed in 1962 to “Real Wild Child” by Jet Harris of the group The Shadows. Iggy Pop then combined the two on his own cover of the song, releasing it as “Real Wild Child (Wild One)”.

Who wrote the song real wild one?

Dave Owens
Real Wild Child (Wild One)/Composers

What movie is the song Wild One In?

Crocodile Dundee II // Wild one – YouTube.

Who sang wild one in Crocodile Dundee 2?

Wild One -Crocodile Dundee 2 — Billy Idol |

Who sings Wild Ones with Flo Rida?

Flo RidaWild Ones / Artist

What movies is song real wild child in?

“Real Wild Child” is a 1958 song originally written by Johnny O’Keefe that was made famous in 1986 by Iggy Pop, featured in end credits of the 2006 CGI film, The Wild. It is performed by Everlife. It was also heard in the trailer of the 2008 film Wild Child.

What year was the song Wild One released?

1986Real Wild Child (Wild One) / Released

Who sang She’s a wild one?

Faith HillWild One / Artist

Who sang the real wild child in Crocodile Dundee?

“Wild One” or “Real Wild Child” is an Australian rock and roll song written by Johnny Greenan, Johnny O’Keefe, and Dave Owens….Wild One (Johnny O’Keefe song)

“Wild One”
Song by Johnny O’Keefe
Label Leedon Festival
Songwriter(s) Johnny Greenan Johnny O’Keefe Dave Owens Tony Withers

Who sang Wild One?

Iggy PopReal Wild Child (Wild One) / Artist

Who is the girl in the Wild Ones music video?

Analicia Chaves is one of those fantasy women that make you blink twice to make sure she’s a real person. When we first spotted her for the video for Fl0-Rida’s “Wild Ones,” she was noticed for her A-list good looks with a body to match.

Who sang the song Wild One?