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Who is the owner of Sastra University?

Who is the owner of Sastra University?

Ramachandra Iyer, Founder Chancellor of SASTRA.

Who is vice chancellor of Sastra University?

S. VaidhyasubramaniamSASTRA Deemed University / Vice-chancellor

Who is the chairman of Sastra University?

Sethuraman, Vice-Chancellor, SASTRA University, Thanjavur. Prof. M. S. Swaminathan, Founder & Chairman, MSSRF, Chennai.

Who is the dean of Sastra University?


Name Designation Email_Id
Dr. SWAMINATHAN .P Dean [email protected]
Dr. GOPALAKRISHNAN .S Associate Dean [email protected]
Dr. RAVICHANDRAN .K.S Associate Dean [email protected]
Dr. UMAMAKESWARI .A Associate Dean [email protected]

Which branch is best in SASTRA?

Although all the branches are good, but according to placements in the past few years, the top 5 branches in Sastra University are as follows:

  • Tech CSE.
  • Tech in Information and Communication Technology.
  • Tech ECE.
  • Tech Mechanical.
  • Tech Aerospace.

Is SASTRA a Tier 1?

SASTRA has been placed under Category 1 by the University Grants Commission through the Categorization of Universities for Grant of Graded Autonomy Regulations, 2018. SASTRA is one of the 33 Universities in the country and one of the 3 Universities in Tamil Nadu which has been accorded this status.

What is the highest package in Sastra?

The highest, lowest & average packages offered were INR 28.5 LPA, INR 9.3 LPA & INR 3.6 LPA respectively….SASTRA University Placements 2020 Highlights.

Particulars Data
Number of Students placed More than 2400
Highest Package INR 28.5 LPA
Average Package INR 9.3 LPA

Is Sastra better than Vit?

Sastra has been ranked among the top engineering colleges in India as it has good infrastructure, placements and faculty. VIT chennai is also a good one but not better than the VIT vellore campus as it is more reputed than this. So, if you get VIT vellore, then you may opt for it.

Is Kiit Tier 3 college?

It has been granted Tier-1 accrediation by the National Board of Accreditation. ARIIA 2021 ranked KIIT as India’s best private university in innovation and self-financing.

Is Sastra a Tier 3 college?

Which branch is best in Sastra?

What is the highest package in KL university?

Further, a total of 4,001 offers were made and 254 companies visited the campus during KL University placements 2022….KL University Placements 2022: Highlights.

Particulars Statistics (2022)
No. of offers 4,001
No. of companies 254
Highest package INR 23 LPA
No. of students placed (placement percentage) Ongoing