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Who is Josh Blue married to?

Who is Josh Blue married to?

Yuko KubotaJosh Blue / Spouse (m. 2007–2014)

How old is Josh Blue?

43 years (November 27, 1978)Josh Blue / Age

Where is Josh Blue now?

Reserve your seat now to see Josh Blue play at the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse on June 25th, 2022 at 9:30pm. This great venue is located at 2903 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA. Seats to this comedy show begin at $0.00 and go up to $0.00 a seat.

What is up with Josh Blue and broccoli?

Josh Blue dives deep in his newest Comedy Special, Broccoli, exploring the craziest of topics. From discussing the ghosts of the past, those in his home, and the future of his Comedy, you will surely be rolling in laughter.

Is Josh Blue girlfriend?

Yuko KubotaJosh Blue / Partner

How much does Josh Blue make?

Josh Blue net worth: Josh Blue is an American comedian who has a net worth of $1 million. Josh Blue was born in Cameroon in November 1978.

Does Josh Blue have his own show?

Josh starred in Comedy Central Presents: Josh Blue in 2011. His third one-hour special Sticky Change aired on Showtime and Netflix. In 2016, Josh released his fourth one-hour special, DELETE on HULU and Amazon.

How much did Josh Blue win on Last Comic Standing?

It’s sad, but we all know what the situation is. We are all going for the same goal. It’s nothing personal; it’s the way the game is played.” Two years ago, he won the $10,000 top prize at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival.

Did Josh Blue win AGT?

Denver-based stand-up comedian Josh Blue was one of four finalists competing for the crown on Tuesday’s performance show and Wednesday results show. The other finalists were aerialist Aidan Bryant, singer Brooke Simpson, and comedian Gina Brillon. Blue finished third in the final round.

Is Josh Blue A Millionaire?

Josh Blue net worth: Josh Blue is an American comedian who has a net worth of $1 million.

How famous is Josh Blue?

Following his groundbreaking win on NBC’s Last Comic Standing in 2006, Josh Blue has risen through the ranks to become a well-established headliner at venues throughout the world. In 2018, Josh crushed his set on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Did Josh Blue win Americas got talent?