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Who is cm Kosemen?

Who is cm Kosemen?

Cevdet Mehmet “Memo” Kösemen (born 1984), known internationally as C. M. Kosemen and also by his pen name as Nemo Ramjet, is a Turkish researcher, artist, photographer and author.

Who wrote all todays?

All Yesterdays

Cover, depicting three Protoceratops in a tree.
Author John Conway, C. M. Kosemen, and Darren Naish
Language English
Subject Palaeoart
Publisher Irregular Books

Who created all tomorrows?

C.M. KösemenAll Tomorrows / Author

Is all tomorrows a novel?

It explores a hypothetical future path of human evolution set from the near future to a billion years from the present….All Tomorrows.

Cover. It depicts a “Bug Facer” (center) and two of its genetically modified descendants.
Author C. M. Kosemen
Publication date 4 October 2006 (online)
Pages 111

Who wrote all yesterdays?

C.M. Kösemen
John ConwayDarren Naish
All Yesterdays/Authors

What is all todays?

In addition to creative, speculative, but still scientifically rigorous depictions of prehistoric animals, the book ends with a section called “All Todays,” which features depictions of modern animals as distant-future paleontologists might reconstruct them, given just skeletal remains.

Is All Tomorrows a horror?

Kosemen intends to eventually publish All Tomorrows in physical form, with new text and updated illustrations….All Tomorrows.

Cover. It depicts a “Bug Facer” (center) and two of its genetically modified descendants.
Author C. M. Kosemen
Country Turkey
Language English
Genre Science fiction Speculative evolution Body horror

What is the Qu All Tomorrows?

The Qu are a fictional, sapient race of extraterrestrial insectoid beings who act as the main antagonists of the speculative evolution book All Tomorrows, written by Nemo Ramjet.

What is the theme of All Tomorrows?

All Tomorrows takes an Anti-Nihilist approach showing humanity, despite its hardships and extinction, still accomplishing amazing things. By contrast, Man After Man is far more cynical, showing humanity becoming simple animals or a Horde of Alien Locusts.

What do Lopsiders do?

The Asymmetric People were a posthuman species that evolved from the Lopsiders. Within a few million years of the Qu’s department, the Lopsiders regained sapience and developed a civilisation. They built flat, bunker-like buildings which were entrances to vast underground cities, and they developed space travel.

Is there a physical copy of all tomorrows?

All Tomorrows has never been physically published.

Who wrote all tomorrows?