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What happened to Kelly Sutton?

What happened to Kelly Sutton?

Kelly Sutton will join WSM’s radio and television show Coffee, Country & Cody alongside Bill Cody and Charlie Mattos. Sutton is set to join the team as the show’s Co-Host and Entertainment Reporter beginning Tuesday, Sept.

Who is Kelly Sutton?

Kelly Sutton has been the go-to entertainment journalist in Nashville for two decades. Her conversations with some of Music City’s biggest stars feels more like a friend “hang” than an interview.

Where is Holly Thompson Wsmv?

Holly is homegrown and grew up in East Tennessee. She and her husband live in Hendersonville with their two boys, who she calls the most incredible blessings in her life. Why I love living in Nashville: The people!

What happened to Alan Frio on WSMV?

Frio, once a co-host for nationally syndicated show Hard Copy, has been at WSMV for 16 years. Frio’s staff page on was removed Thursday, Sept. 17. The layoffs are the latest in a five-year string of controversies and high-profile departures from Nashville’s NBC affiliate.

Where is Kelly Sutton from?

Clarksville, Tennessee
Kelly Sutton is in Clarksville, Tennessee. I’m not great at golf, but I love to play.

Where is Tracy Kornet?

Tracy Kornet is a seven-time Emmy Award-winning news anchor, host, and writer who co-anchors WSMV4 at 5, 6, and 10 p.m. A French and International Relations major at Vanderbilt, Tracy returned to Nashville in 2014 after 8 years anchoring the news in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Where is Holly Thompson now?

Anchor. Holly Thompson is a nine-time Emmy Award and multiple Associated Press award-winning journalist who’s ready to wake you up in the mornings! She co-anchors WSMV4 Today and also anchors WSMV4 at Noon.

Where did Tom Randles go?

Randles left WTKR in September and has since landed a job as weekend anchor at WSMV in Nashville.

What happened to Lauren Lowrey?

The treatment started working right away, helping Lowrey’s body shed excess fluid. Her husband asked doctors what would’ve happened had Lowrey not called her obstetrician that night. The answer came quickly: Seizure, stroke and death.

Is Tracy Kornet still on WSMV?

Who is Lauren Lowrey?

Lauren Lowrey is an Emmy Award-winning Anchor/Reporter who joined WSMV4 in December 2018. She anchors WSMV4 at 4:00 and 6:30.

What happened Marius Payton?

Marius Payton joined WSMV4 in 2021 as the station’s Monday-Friday evening news anchor. Previously, Marius worked at WNCN in Raleigh, NC as the evening anchor.