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Who does Jondalar cheat on Ayla with?

Who does Jondalar cheat on Ayla with?

The zelandonia officially make her one of them, and decide to share her new Gift of Knowledge at the Mother Festival. Ayla tries to get even with Jondalar, and when he sees her having sex with the drunken Laramar, he explodes in a jealous rage.

Does Ayla end up with Jondalar?

Jondalar has fathered a daughter with Ayla named Jonayla. They become the first true happily monogamous couple.

Does Alya see Durc again?

“Fans may not like the one surprise in the final book that Auel is willing to share: Ayla will not be reunited with Durc, her son from a Neanderthal rape. “Ayla is going to find out something about him, but I can tell you straight out, frankly no, she will never see her son again,” she says.

What does Ayla find out about Durc?

Ayla brought Durc to the Clan Gathering during his first year. It was during that gathering that Ayla met a woman named Oda who had a daughter named Ura that resembled Durc. When Ayla learned that Oda had been raped by men of the Others, she theorized that Ura was also a child of mixed spirits.

What does jondalar look like?

He is very tall, being taller even than Ayla, who is close to 6ft in height. His height is later stated to be around is 1.95 meters (six feet six inches). Jondalar is described as having pale blonde hair, lighter in colour than Ayla’s, with intense, deep blue eyes, that look almost violet under certain lighting.

What does Marona look like?

Physical Appearance. Marona is described as being extremely beautiful, with long, light blonde, almost white hair, a shapely figure and dark grey eyes.

What was Ayla’s real name?

Ayla was played by Daryl Hannah as the older version and by Nicole Eggert as the younger version in the 1986 film The Clan of the Cave Bear.

What age did Ayla leave the clan?

Because of her child’s oversized head, Ayla has a painful pregnancy and nearly dies in childbirth. When she’s 14, Broud casts her out of the clan for good, and the novel closes with her leaving behind her child and setting off alone.

What happens to Broud in clan of the Cave Bear?

At the end of The Clan of the Cave Bear, Broud becomes leader of the Clan. From the moment Ayla entered his life, he had great anger and hatred for her.

How old is Ayla in the Valley of Horses?

Eventually Creb calls her Ayla, which as close as the Clan can get to pronouncing her name. Even though five year old Ayla thinks to herself that ‘Ayla’ is not quite right, she decides it doesn’t matter and eventually forgets what she was originally called, going by Ayla from then on.

Will there be another book after the Land of Painted Caves?

It is the sequel to The Shelters of Stone – published 9 years earlier – and is the sixth and final book in the Earth’s Children series….The Land of Painted Caves.

Author Jean M. Auel
Pages 768 pp
ISBN 0-517-58051-9 (hardback)
Preceded by The Shelters of Stone
Followed by n/a

Will there be a 7th book in the Earth’s Children series?

Auel set circa 30,000 years before the present day. There are six novels in the series. Although Auel had previously mentioned in interviews that there would be a seventh novel, publicity announcements for the sixth confirmed it would be the final book in the sequence.