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Which TomTom GPS is best?

Which TomTom GPS is best?

The TomTom GO Supreme is the perfect GPS for traveling the world. With its five-inch screen, the GO Supreme delivers maps and real-time traffic information just like any other good GPS device, but it comes with the added bonus of lifetime updates and access to maps from around the world at no additional cost.

Which is better Garmin or TomTom?

They found that TomTom achieved the highest score when looking at the accuracy of traffic jam reporting – 67% for TomTom as opposed to 22% for Garmin.

What happened to TomTom GPS?

TomTom’s stock fell 6.2% after the Bridgestone announcement, and while TomTom plans to stay independent, now it seems like anything could happen. After the sale, TomTom will pay out more than $800m to shareholders, keeping the nearly $200m remainder on hand to grow its core location technology business.

What is the latest version of TomTom GPS?

TomTom’s latest map version is 1090. If your map version is not the latest map version available, check the overview of map release dates below to find out the age of your map.

Who is TomTom owned by?


Headquarter building in Amsterdam
Key people Harold Goddijn (CEO), Corinne Vigreux (CMO and co-founder), Taco Titulaer (CFO), Derk Haank (chairman of the supervisory board), Alain De Taeye (management board)
Products devices, digital map, software and services
Revenue € 701 million (2019)

What is the best brand of GPS to buy?

Garmin DriveSmart 61 LMT-S. The best car GPS for most users, with a large screen and easy interface.

  • TomTom GO Supreme. A feature-packed car navigation system with smarts.
  • Rand McNally OverDryve 7.
  • Garmin Drive 52 & Traffic.
  • TomTom VIA 1525M.
  • LTTRBX GPS Navigation.
  • TomTom Go Comfort.
  • Garmin DriveSmart 65 with Amazon Alexa.
  • Is TomTom go obsolete?

    On its website, TomTom says it made devices obsolete because “it has become clear that some of our older generation navigation devices do not have sufficient resources to run the newest maps and software available”.

    Tom Tom XL GPS N14644 Widescreen Excellent… But these three has some more competitions too, Check out below List of Top 10 best tomtom gps model. If you are ready to choose a new tomtom gps model, check out our recommendations for the best tomtom gps model.

    What are the newest TomTom GPS systems?

    TOMTOM GO CAR GPS NAVIGATION. Preferred by drivers. Enjoy smarter and smoother drives with the TomTom GO Supreme car GPS navigation. From daily commutes to weekend adventures, trusted road and traffic info backed by IFTTT integration and Last Mile Navigation makes every journey easier. When you want to explore more, go confidently with

    What are some types of TomTom GPS systems?

    – Updates via Wi-Fi® – World maps and software – TomTom Traffic and Safety Camera Alerts – Last Mile Navigation and Find My Car

    – Garmin – Magellan – TomTom