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Which NFL quarterback has the most records?

Which NFL quarterback has the most records?

Brett Favre holds almost every single NFL passing record, including attempts, completions, yards, and touchdown passes.

What QB has the best win loss record?

Player. GS. W. L. T. W. L. T. W. L. T.

  • Tom BradyT. Brady. 363. 278. .766. 157.
  • Peyton ManningP. Manning. 292. 200. .685. 112.
  • Brett FavreB. Favre. 322. 199. .618.
  • 304. 181. .595. 100.
  • 270. 178. .661.
  • John ElwayJ. Elway. 252. 162. .645.
  • Dan MarinoD. Marino. 258. 155. 103. .601.
  • Who is the 10 best quarterbacks in NFL history?

    Top 10 Best Quarterbacks of All Time in NFL Record

    • Tom Brady. Team: New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
    • Joe Montana (Joe Cool) Team: San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs.
    • Peyton Manning. Team: Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos.
    • Johnny Unitas.
    • Otto Graham.
    • Drew Brees.
    • Dan Marino.
    • Roger Staubach.

    Who is the best passer in NFL history?

    All-Time Passer Rating

    1 Aaron Rodgers 104.93
    2 Steve Young* 96.81
    3 Tom Brady 96.62
    4 Peyton Manning 95.71
    5 Tony Romo 95.62

    Who is the most accurate quarterback of all time?

    Drew Brees is the most accurate quarterback in NFL history Recently retired New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees tops the all-time list as the most accurate passer in NFL history. And the numbers don’t lie.

    Who is the most accurate QB of all time?

    Who has the best quarterback stats?

    Aaron Rodgers
    NFL Player Stats – QB Rating

    Rank Player Value
    1 Aaron Rodgers 110.9
    2 Joe Burrow 105.9
    3 Matthew Stafford 103.9
    4 Kirk Cousins 103.1

    Who has the most completed passes in NFL history?

    Tom Brady
    NFL History – Leaders

    1 Tom Brady 7,263
    2 Drew Brees 7,142
    3 Brett Favre 6,300

    Who is the greatest NFL player of all time?

    Below is a summary of the top 100 best NFL players of all time:

    • Jerry Rice. Position: Wide Receiver.
    • Tom Brady. Position: QB.
    • Lawrence Taylor. Position: LB.
    • Jim Brown. Position: Running Back.
    • Walter Payton. Position: Running Back.
    • Joe Montana. Position: QB.
    • Reggie White. Position: DE.
    • Peyton Manning. Position: QB.

    Who has the best passing percentage of all time?

    Deshaun Watson

    Rank Player Cmp%
    1 Deshaun Watson 67.8%
    2 Drew Brees 67.7%
    3 Kirk Cousins 66.9%
    Kyler Murray 66.9%

    Who is the goat of quarterbacks?

    As for why Brady himself has earned that acronym: Well, his accolades and numbers speak for themselves. He is a seven-time Super Bowl champion, owning more Lombardi Trophies than any NFL franchise. He is a five-time Super Bowl MVP, more than any other player.

    Which quarterback has broken the most NFL records?

    Tom Brady holds these 54 NFL records He’s the only player in NFL history to win four Super Bowl MVP awards and owns an arsenal of other records in addition.

    Who are the top 5 NFL quarterbacks?

    Top quarterbacks in NFL history | 1-5. 1) Tom Brady. 2) Aaron Rodgers. 3) Peyton Manning. 4) Joe Montana. 5) Dan Marino. It’s impossible to make everybody happy when discussing the top quarterbacks in NFL history. There will always be those ranked too high, too low, or entirely snubbed. The league has drastically changed in the past decade

    Who is the best NFL quarterback of all time?

    Tom Brady, the most successful quarterback in NFL history, has retired after winning seven Super Bowls and setting numerous passing records in an unprecedented 22-year career. Jim Souhan is a sports columnist for the Star Tribune.

    What NFL quarterback has the best winning percentage?

    Tom Brady has the best winning percentage by a quarterback when playing 200+ games, winning 76.4 percent of the time. Also, Who is the best playoff quarterback? Similarly, What QB holds the most records? Brees was the first player in NFL history with 7,000 completions, ahead of Brady (6,778) and Brett Favre (6,300).