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Which is the masterpiece of OV Vijayan?

Which is the masterpiece of OV Vijayan?

Itihasathinte Itihasam, a historical treatise written by him is considered by many as masterpiece. An incisive writer in English as well, Vijayan translated most of his own works from Malayalam to English.

Who got OV Vijayan award?

Vijayan who had spent his last days in Secunderabad. The award consists of a cash component of ₹50,001, a memento by Kanayi Kunhiraman, and a citation….

O. V. Vijayan Sahitya Puraskaram
Last winner Karunakaran

Who is OV Vijayan?

Vijayan, in full Oottupulackal Velukkutty Vijayan, (born July 2, 1930, Vilayanchathanur, Kerala, British India [India]—died March 29, 2005, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India), Indian cartoonist, pioneering novelist and short-story writer, and a leading figure in Malayalam literature.

Who wrote Khasakkinte Ithihasam?

O. V. VijayanKhasakkinte Itihasam / Author

Which novel character is Appukili?

Khasakkinte Itihasam
Vijayan took twelve years (begun in 1956) to complete Khasakkinte Itihasam. The character Appukkili was originally created by Vijayan for his short story “Appukkili” – a chapter in the finished book – which was published in October 1958 (Mathrubhumi Weekly).

Which character is Appukili?

Appukkili, the village idiot is a noted character in the novel besides the Allappicha Mollakka, the toddy tapper Kuppu Achan, Madhavan Nair, Maimoona, Khaliyar, Aliyar and so forth. The author links every character with the myths, superstitions, local legends and mysteries of Khasak.

Who got Padmaprabha Award 2020?

Famous poet Madhusoodhan Nair has been selected for this year’s prestigious ‘Padmaprabha Literary Award’. The award was instituted by the Kalpetta based Padmaprabha Memorial Trust in memory of M K Padmaprabha, one of the founders of modern Wayanad and leading socialist.

Who is the author of Dharmapuranam?

O. V. VijayanDharmapurāṇaṃ / Author

Who is known as Nandanar?

P. C. Gopalan (January 5, 1926 – April 24, 1974), popularly known by his pseudonym, Nandanar was an Indian writer of Malayalam literature.

What is the theme of Khasakkinte Ithihasam?

The novel tells the story of a young university student, who leaves a promising future to take up a primary school teacher’s job in the remote village of Khasak. Little by little, the village reveals its secrets. The protagonist is soon bewitched by this ancient village where dreams and legends intermingle.

Which Malayalam novel has no name for characters?

Khasakkinte Itihasam

Cover of the French (2004) translation by Dominique Vitalyos (Fayard)
Author O. V. Vijayan
Publisher DC Books (Malayalam) Penguin Books (English version)
Awards Muttathu Varkey Award (1992)
ISBN 978-8171301263