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Which Flowermate is the best?

Which Flowermate is the best?

The best choice for most: Flowermate V5. The Flowermate V5. 0S vaporizer is our best selling portable for good reason. The three temperatures are all you need, it has crazy battery life, is pocketable, and most importantly it’s a great value at just $79.95.

How do I use Flowermate V5 Pro?


  1. Turn on your Flowermate V5. 0s Pro and select your desired temperature setting.
  2. We suggest somewhere around 190 °C – 200 °C.
  3. For best results, take long and light draws.
  4. Simply, place your lips over the glass mouthpiece and inhale slowly.
  5. You will get approximately 10-12 draws before your herb is spent.

Is Flowermate V5 Nano convection?

The V5 Nano is the first Flowermate in the V5 line to feature a mix of convection and conduction heating instead of pure conduction, increasing both extraction efficiency and flavor. Temperature can be adjusted from 104-446F, displayed with single digit precision on the vibrant OLED screen.

Is Flowermate a convection?

This unit boasts 100% pure convection vapor.

How do you pack a Flowermate?

There are 2 methods for packing. The first is to place a metal screen in the bottom of your chamber and pack your herb on top. The second is to fill your herb pod and then place the pod inside the chamber. We recommend the first method, as it allows you to pack more in the chamber.

How do I clean my Flowermate V5?

3. How to clean Flowermate V5 Vaporizer? – When the internal chamber turns brown, it’s best to wipe it with a cotton bud soaked in acetone/isopropyl alcohol and rub it with the brush included in the set. – A dirty mouthpiece needs to be soaked in acetone/isopropyl alcohol for a few hours and cleaned with a cotton bud.

How do you use Utillian 722?

To use the Utillian 722:

  1. Load with dry herb or wax (using the included insert). Keep the herb fluffy and do not pack too tight.
  2. Tap the button 5 times to turn on and the vape will start heating up. The LED will start blinking.
  3. 2 Taps on the button will toggle temps.
  4. Once the LED is solid, the vape is ready to use.

How long does a swift pro last?

Flowermate Swift Pro Specifications

Flowermate Swift Pro
Average Battery Life: ~ 40 minutes
Heat-up Time: < 30 seconds
Weight: 127 grams
Size: 10 x 6.3 x 2 cm

Where is Flowermate located?

​The Flowermate Mini V5. 0S Pro is a small, discreet and stylish vaporizer that comes in at an affordable price. While the Flowermate brand is based in China, they have a reputation of making decent herbal vaporizers at cheap prices.