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Where is motocard based?

Where is motocard based?

the Principality of Andorra
And we have turned this passion into our work. We have more than 40 years of experience in the sector: starting in 1982, in the Principality of Andorra, we now have 15 stores throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

Who are motocard?

As many already know, Motocard is Europe’s leading shop specialised in equipment and accessories for the world of bikes. Its origins go back to 1982, year in which the first shop opened its doors in the Principality of Andorra.

Where are Motorcard based?

Motocard General Information Distributor of motorcycle clothing and accessories based in Barcelona, Spain. The company offers helmets, jackets, pants, boots and gloves.

Is Motostorm a real website?

Motostorm ships its products all over the world. Gear up for your next ride with motorcycle gear, boots, eyewear, jackets, and helmets the website for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Does motocard ship to the US? – Super fast delivery to the US (from Spain) : r/motorcycles.

Are motorcycle helmets VAT exempt?

Motorcycle helmets are exempt from VAT in the UK as per VAT Notice 701/23, and as such you will NOT have to pay import VAT for motorcycle helmets purchased from us.

Why is there no VAT on safety boots?

These must not be supplied to persons for use by their employees (buying for employees requires the purchaser to pay VAT by law), Purchases by VAT registered companies for safety boots must be paid & reclaimed in the usual way, Finally these rules do not apply to safety shoes or safety trainers, these products require …

Is Chromeburner in the UK?

You may or may not have noticed already, but the prices displayed on our UK website ( are 21% lower than on our other European websites. This is because we can now sell without Dutch VAT to the UK (apart from Northern Ireland).

Can you claim VAT back on shoes?

VAT relief can only be claimed when ordering 6E and 8E fitting footwear. VAT relief cannot be claimed when ordering any other product, even if you are eligible for VAT relief. VAT relief is currently 20%.

Do helmets have VAT?

motorcycle helmets are zero-rated – see section 3. pedal cycle helmets are zero-rated – see section 4. children’s car seats and travel systems are reduced-rated at a rate of 5% VAT – see section 5.

Do you pay VAT on motorcycle helmets?

What size shoes are VAT free?

As shoe-fitting experts, we know that boys’ shoes up to and including size 6.5 and girls’ shoes up to and including size 5.5 are currently exempt from VAT charges under government legislation.