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Where is Eismitte located?

Where is Eismitte located?

Eismitte, in English also called Mid-Ice, was the site of an Arctic expedition in the interior of Greenland that took place from July 1930 through August 1931, and claimed the life of noted German scientist Alfred Wegener.

What is the latitude range of Greenland?

It is between latitudes 59° and 83°N, and longitudes 11° and 74°W. Greenland is bordered by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Greenland Sea to the east, the North Atlantic Ocean to the southeast, the Davis Strait to the southwest, Baffin Bay to the west, the Nares Strait and Lincoln Sea to the northwest.

What are the two latitude coordinates for Greenland?

The latitude and longitude of Greenland is 72º 00′ N and 40º 00′ E respectively. It is located on the northern part of North America and lies between Arctic Ocean and North Atlantic Ocean.

What climate region does Eismitte belong to?

The EF climate holds the distinction for the lowest recorded temperatures at Earth’s surface in Antarctica. The Köppen Climate Classification subtype for this climate is “EF”. (Snow and Ice Climate). The average temperature for the year in Eismitte is -22.0°F (-30°C).

What is the coldest place on Earth?

Where is the coldest place on Earth?

  • Eastern Antarctic Plateau, Antarctica (-94°C)
  • Vostok Station Antarctica (-89.2°C)
  • Amundsen-Scott Station, Antarctica (-82.8°C)
  • Denali, Alaska, United States of America (-73°C)
  • Klinck station, Greenland (-69.6°C)
  • Oymyakon, Siberia, Russia (-67.7°C)

Was Alfred Wegener’s body found?

On May 12, 1931, they found Wegener’s body. It was fully dressed and lying on a reindeer skin and sleeping bag stitched into two sleeping bag covers. Wegener’s eyes were open, and the expression on his face was calm and peaceful, almost smiling. Apparently he died while lying in his tent.

Why is Greenland so cold?

Its northerly location, at the point where the Atlantic meets the Arctic Ocean, means that Greenland is surrounded principally by cold ocean currents, so the coasts are constantly being cooled. This, combined with the radiation of cold from the inland ice, gives Greenland its arctic climate.

Why is Greenland not a country?

Greenland is an autonomous dependency of Denmark, which means that it is politically part of Europe. From a geographical perspective, however, Greenland is part of North America. Its people are mostly of Inuit heritage and are related to the Inuit who live in northern Canada.

What latitude is the Arctic circle?

66.6° N
The polar circles are located near the poles of the earth, at 66.6° N and S latitude. These are called the Arctic Polar Circle and the Antarctic Polar Circle (SF Fig. 1.9).

What is the latitude of Iceland?

64.9631° N, 19.0208° WIceland / Coordinates

What is the warmest place in Greenland?

Nuuk sits on Greenland’s southwest coast, where the country’s warmest weather typically occurs.

Is Greenland colder than Iceland?

Despite what the names suggest, Greenland is much colder than Iceland. 11% of Iceland’s landmass is covered by a permanent Ice Sheet. As amazing as this is, it’s nothing compared to Greenland’s unbelievable 80% Ice Sheet Cover.