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When was the worst tornado in Indiana?

When was the worst tornado in Indiana?

April 11, 1965
IMPORTANT DATE: April 11, 1965 – it was 57 years ago today the deadliest tornado outbreak in state history occurred. 137 Hoosiers died as a swarm of tornadoes raked the state. 10 tornadoes across 18 counties in only a matter of a few hours.

Where did tornado hit in Indiana?

CINCINNATI (WXIX) – An EF0 tornado is confirmed to have touched down in Decatur County, Indiana on Wednesday. Law enforcement confirmed a touchdown occurred in southern Decatur County, Indiana around 9 p.m. between Westport and Millhousen. The area is rural and damage reports are slow to come in.

What size tornado was Henryville Indiana?

At 2:50 p.m. Friday, March 2, 2012, the EF-4 tornado first touched down on the south side of Fredericksburg. It gained steam as it marched toward New Pekin. Then Henryville.

Has there ever been a tornado in Indiana?

Marion County Tornadoes, 1950-2020 47 TORNADO(s) were reported in Marion County, Indiana between 01/01/1950 and 12/31/2020.

How many tornadoes has Indiana had in 2021?

Yearly Summary in Indiana

Year # of Tornadoes Property Damage
2021 21 $436,500
2020 17 $2,845,000
2019 32 $2,689,000
2018 16 $856,000

How many tornadoes has Indiana had in 2020?

Yearly Summary in Indiana

Year # of Tornadoes Crop Damage
2020 17 $10,000
2019 32 $10,000
2018 16 $5,500
2017 37 $5,000

Has there ever been a F5 tornado in Indiana?

One of only four F5 tornadoes on record in Indiana. This intense tornado touched down three miles northeast of Mechanicsburg and blew directly through Oakville, demolishing 27 of the village’s 30 houses. Some parts of town literally vanished.

What is the largest recorded tornado?

the El Reno, Oklahoma tornado
Officially, the widest tornado on record is the El Reno, Oklahoma tornado of May 31, 2013 with a width of 2.6 miles (4.2 km) at its peak.

How many died in the Henryville tornado?

11 people
One long-tracked EF4 tornado ripped through the Indiana towns of New Pekin, Henryville, Marysville, and Chelsea, killing 11 people.

What county in Indiana has the most tornadoes?

Tippecanoe County also has the highest instances of EF-3 or higher tor- nadoes compared to the rest of the Counties in Indiana.

What state has the most tornadoes?

Here are the top 10 states most affected by tornadoes:

  • Texas (155)
  • Kansas (96)
  • Florida (66)
  • Oklahoma (62)
  • Nebraska (57)
  • Illinois (54)
  • Colorado (53)
  • Iowa (51)

Is Indiana a good place to live?

Indiana is ranked 2nd best in the nation for being a good state for drivers, with a low cost of ownership, decent traffic, and reasonable safety. It’s not surprising to learn the rural area have decent traffic flow, but even the city of Indianapolis ranked in the Top 10% for cities with the least traffic congestion.

Where did the Henryville tornado hit?

Touchdown occurred just northeast of Henryville. The tornado passed near Nabb, hit Hanover College squarely, and continued through North Madison, the northwest side of China, northwest of Canaan, ending three miles west of Cross Plains. Hanover College was torn apart and suffered ten million dollars in damage.

Where did the tornado hit in Indiana?

The storm entered Indiana three miles west southwest of Saint John and dissipated two miles northeast of Crown Point. Part of a cyclical tornado family, this tornado touched down six miles south of Crown Point and moved east, leveling farms. The deaths were in the area of worst damage along and south of IN 8, two near Hebron and two near Kouts.

How many homes were destroyed in the Indiana tornado?

This tornado spent little time in Indiana as it touched down two miles west of Bright and entered Ohio two miles east-northeast of Bright. Still, over those four miles the twister destroyed more than 50 homes, including four brick homes that were leveled to the ground.

Where did the tornado hit Cincinnati Ohio?

This tornado touched down two miles north of Rising Sun and moved quickly into Kentucky and, eventually, Ohio west of Cincinnati after having crossed the Ohio River twice. Damage was relatively light and there were no deaths in Indiana. Fatalities occurred with F5 damage on the west side of Cincinnati.