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What were the biggest cities in the US in 1900?

What were the biggest cities in the US in 1900?

Rank Population (000) 1900
1 New York 3,437
2 Chicago 1,698
3 Philadelphia 1,293
4 St. Louis 575

What were the largest US cities in 1920?

Population of the 20 Largest U.S. Cities, 1900? 2012

1900 1920
Rank Place Place
1. New York, N.Y. New York, N.Y.
2. Chicago, Ill. Chicago, Ill.
3. Philadelphia, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa.

What were the 5 biggest cities in 1920?

What was the overall population of the world in 1920?

US Population Rank US Pop Rank City 1920 Population
1 New York, New York 5,620,048
2 Chicago, Illinois 2,701,705
3 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1,823,779
4 Detroit, Michigan 993,078

What was the biggest city in 1940?

Most Populous Cities in America in 1940

  • New York City – 1940 population: 7,454,995 – Rank today: 1; population ~8.4 million.
  • Chicago, IL – 1940 population: 3,396,808 – Rank today: 3; population ~2.7 million.
  • Philadelphia, PA – 1940 population: 1,931,334 – Rank today: 6; population ~1.6 million.

What were the 3 largest cities in 1900 by population?

In 1900, New York City was the world’s second largest city (London was the largest). In 1950, it had moved up to first with Tokyo second and London third. By 2020, Tokyo is first, New York 11th and London 37th.

Which three cities were the largest in the United States in 1900?

In 1900, the largest city in the US was New York, with a population of 3,437,202. The second largest city was Chicago, with a population of 1,698,575. The third largest US city in 1900 was Philadelphia, with a population of 1,293,697.

What was US population in 1930?

POP Culture: 1930

The 1930 Census 10 Largest Urban Places
U.S. Resident Population: 123,202,624 Rank
Population per square mile of land area: 34.7 1
Percent increase of population from 1920 to 1930: 16.2 2
Official Enumeration Date: April 1 3

When was Detroit the 4th largest city?

Due to the booming auto industry, Detroit became the fourth-largest city in the nation in 1920, following New York City, Chicago and Philadelphia.

When did La surpass Chicago in population?

The new figures are the bureau’s first city population rankings since the 1980 census and reflect population estimates as of July 1, 1982. In February, the bureau put the total United States population at 234 million.

Was New York City ever the largest city in the world?

New York had been the world’s largest city before Tokyo, a distinction that it had held since 1925, when it surpassed London (now 33rd largest).

What was life like 1930s America?

Schools were overpopulated, underfunded, and an estimated 20,000 schools in America closed. Transportation was an issue—there were no buses or cars so children had to walk often long distances. Racism was so prevalent that many schools were segregated.

What major events happened in 1930?

1930 Major News Stories including first year of the great depression, Prohibition Enforcement is Strengthened, Graf Zeppelin Airship Completes Flight From Germany to Brazil, Mahatma Gandhi begins 200 mile march to the salt beds of Jalalpur to protest British Rule, 1350 banks in the US fail, Smoot-Hawley Tariff bill …