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What was the route of the Mormon Battalion?

What was the route of the Mormon Battalion?

The battalion was a volunteer unit of between 534 and 559 Latter-day Saint men, led by Mormon company officers commanded by regular U.S. Army officers. During its service, the battalion made a grueling march of nearly 2,100 miles from Council Bluffs, Iowa, to San Diego, California.

How many men are in the Mormon Battalion?

The battalion consisted of five companies, each with approximately 100 men. More than 30 women and 40 children accompanied them. They mustered, or assembled, in the Council Bluffs area of Iowa. The first four companies left July 20, 1846, and the fifth left two days later.

Where is the Mormon Battalion monument?

The Mormon Battalion Monument is a historic obelisk in rural Sandoval County, New Mexico. It was built in honor of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) who served in the United States Army’s Mormon Battalion during the Mexican–American War of 1846–1848.

What happened to the Mormon Battalion?

Monday and Tuesday, July 20–21, 1846, the Mormon Battalion left Council Bluffs. Their trek covered roughly 2,000 miles from Council Bluffs, Iowa, to San Diego, California. Battalion members honored their military assignment, and most of those who reached the Pacific Coast were discharged in July 1847.

What was the longest military march in history?

The longest march in military history was the famous Long March undertaken by the Chinese Communists which took 368 days, of which 268 days were days of movement, from October 1934 to October 1935. A force of some 100,000 covered 9,700 km (6,000 miles) from Ruijin, in Jiangxi, to Yan’an, in Shaanxi.

Who was the leader of the Mormon Battalion?

leader Brigham Young
In July 1846, under the authority of U.S. Army Captain James Allen and with the encouragement of Mormon leader Brigham Young, the Mormon Battalion was mustered in at Council Bluffs, Iowa Territory.

Were the Donner Party members Mormon?

The Donner Party (The “This Is the Place Monument” in Salt Lake City praises the Donners for cutting the trail into the valley.) In the Donner Party was Mormon Lavina Murphy and her family of four sons, three daughters, two sons-in-law, and three infants. Of the thirteen, only seven survived the snows.

How far did the Mormon Battalion march?

2,000 miles
The men of the Mormon Battalion are honored for their willingness to fight for the United States as loyal American citizens. Their march of some 2,000 miles from Council Bluffs to California is one of the longest military marches in history.

Who were the members of the Mormon Battalion?

On 16 July 1846 some 543 men enlisted in the Mormon Battalion. From among these men Brigham Young selected the commissioned officers; they included Jefferson Hunt, Captain of Company A; Jesse D. Hunter, Captain of Company B; James Brown, Captain of Company C; Nelson Higgins, Captain of Company D; and Daniel C.

Why did the United States want the Mormon Battalion to participate in the Mexican American War?

Ultimately, the Mormon soldiers agreed to volunteer for the war not because they wanted to express patriotism, but because they had a firm dedication to their church and resolved obedience to their leader, Brigham Young.

Did the Mormon battalion dispose of the Donner Party remains?

Some battalion men, heading east over the Sierras early in 1847, helped bury the Donner dead.

Who was eaten in the Donner Party?

A Donner Party member murdered two people for use as food. The Indians were then butchered and eaten by the hikers. It was the only time during the entire winter that people were murdered for use as food.