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What was the result of the 2006 federal election in Canada?

What was the result of the 2006 federal election in Canada?

The 39th Canadian federal election was held on January 23, 2006. Map of the 2006 Canadian federal election results, showing Alberta as the main stronghold for the Conservative party, with significant support also coming from the interior regions of British Columbia, southern Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, as well as southern Ontario.

How can I compare the 2004 and 2006 election results?

You can compare the 2006 results with the party standings at dissolution, and the 2004 election results; for interest sake, you can also look up election results dating back to 1867 . You can check the list of all the marginal seats across the country that were won with 5% or less of the vote in 2004 – see which ones changed hands in 2006.

What was the national voter turnout for the 2006 election?

National Voter Turnout: 64.7% of registered voters. You can download an Excel file with all the 2006 final results for each candidate and constituency. The OTHER winner is Independent candidate André Arthur, running in the Portneuf-Jacques-Cartier riding around Quebec City.

Did the Liberal Party lose vote of confidence in Canada?

“Liberal Party Loses Vote Of Confidence In Canada”. New York Times. ^ “Proclamation Dissolving Parliament” (PDF). Canada Gazette Part II. Government of Canada. 139 (6 Extra): 1.

What is the most recent federal election in Canada?

For the most recent Canadian federal election, see 2021 Canadian federal election. This article provides a summary of results for the general (all seats contested) elections to the House of Commons, the elected lower half of Canada ‘s federal bicameral legislative body, the Parliament of Canada.

Who won the first federal election in Canada by secret ballot?

First federal election by Secret ballot . Conservative Party, led by Sir John A. Macdonald, defeat Prime Minister Alexander Mackenzie’s Liberals, returning Macdonald to power with a second majority. Conservatives, led by Prime Minister Macdonald, are re-elected with a third majority, defeating Blake’s Liberals.

How many elections were there in Canada before Confederation?

For the eight general elections of the Province of Canada held in 1843 to 1864 before confederation in 1867, see List of elections in the Province of Canada. There were also earlier elections in Canada, such as for the Legislative Assembly of Upper Canada (held in 1792–1836,…