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What was expected of the other Wes Moore?

What was expected of the other Wes Moore?

The other Wes is part of the expectations of being a failure society expects him to be a thug and that’s what Wes will become.

What do both Wes Moores say about second chances?

Wes concurs, arguing that being responsible for others can be difficult and “unforgiving.” He points out that both he and Moore made mistakes when they were younger and both received second chances—but that second chances are only meaningful when external circumstances also change.

What did Wes Moore love?

Explanation and Analysis: Wes loved football, and his athletic frame made him a natural.

Why was the other Wes not overly stressed about the responsibilities of fatherhood?

Explanation and Analysis: And he wasn’t overly stressed about the responsibilities of fatherhood––he didn’t even know what that meant. But in some unspoken way, he did sense that he was crossing a point of no return, that things were about to get complicated in a way he was unequipped to handle.

Are we products of our environment or products of our expectations?

“We are not products of our environment, we are products of our expectations” this Wes Moore stresses. Someone, at some point, put those expectations in our minds “and we either live up to them, or live down to them.

Is The Other Wes Moore a movie?

“The Other Wes Moore,” a book written by Baltimore native Wes Moore, is currently being developed into a feature film, with Oprah Winfrey attached as executive producer, and a script penned by John Ridley (writer of “Three Kings” and “Red Tails”), according to Moore.

What does Wes mean when he says I guess it’s hard sometimes to distinguish between second chances and last chances?

On page 67, explain what Wes (author) means when he says, “I guess it’s hard sometimes to distinguish between second chances and last chances.” Wes (Author) means that a second chance might be your only chance. You need to not waste any opportunity to change.

What is the main conflict in The Other Wes Moore?

Major Conflict: For Wes Moore (author), he needs to go through military school while trying to get accustom to his new environment to accomplish his great goals. For the other Wes Moore, he needs to give financial support to his children’s mothers while fighting to get out of a life of crime and drugs.

Why was the author Wes Moore more successful than the other Wes Moore?

The author Wes Moore became more successful than the other Wes Moore because the author had more positive influences from his family and surroundings. Unlike the other Wes Moore, the author Wes Moore had a mother who cared and influenced him to make the right decisions.

How does the other Wes Moore end?

In the epilogue, Moore provides an update on each of the major characters in the book. Wes is a grandfather at 33 and is serving the tenth year of his prison sentence. Most of Moore’s family members have found success and happiness, whereas most of Wes’s continue to struggle, and both Tony and Cheryl are dead.

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