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What technicality means?

What technicality means?

Definition of technicality 1 : something technical especially : a detail meaningful only to a specialist a legal technicality. 2 : the quality or state of being technical.

What is an example of a technicality?

A legal technicality is a small but ultimately important detail of the law. For example, a robbery suspect might have his trial dismissed on a legal technicality if the arresting police officer neglected to show him a search warrant before searching his house.

How do you use the word technicality?

a detail that is considered insignificant.

  1. He was disqualified from the competition on a technicality.
  2. She was released on a technicality .
  3. The proposal was rejected on a technicality .
  4. The earlier verdict was overturned on a legal technicality.
  5. The court case turned upon a technicality of company law.

What is another word for technicalities?

In this page you can discover 10 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for technicality, like: particular, triviality, detail, fine print, intricacy, item, group, trifle, nicety and minutia.

What is the meaning of technical error?

Technical error means types of errors that do not rise to the level of substantive error or uncorrectable defect. For instance, not signing your application is an easily correctable error and correcting the error by signing the application cannot raise any new issues which could cause an application to be rejected.

What does it mean to get off on a technicality?

To “get off” in this context means that they were allowed to go free, without facing any charge/punishment. A “technicality” in this instance means that they got off due to something which meant that their trial could not take place properly because of an error, or a problem with the system itself.

What are technical aspects?

The technical aspects of any written work are its properties and techniques as seen from a literary and language perspective. All writing incorporates and is made up of technical elements like meter, form, sound (rhyme), and figures of speech.

What is technicality of the project?

The technicalities of a process or activity are the detailed methods used to do it or to carry it out.

What is the opposite of a technicality?

Opposite of an individual fact or item. entirety. overview. whole. wholeness.

What is the antonym of technically?

“Technically” is itself often used with “speaking”, but because the former is so commonly used nowadays (I guess), the latter word in the phrase is dropped being understood. So, say or write: “loosely speaking” as an antonym to “technically”.

What is considered human error?

[Human] error means that something has been done which was: not intended by the actor; not desired by a set of rules or an external observer; or that led the task or system outside its acceptable limits.

What is a clerical issue?

A mistake made in a letter, paper, or document that changes its meaning, such as a typographical error or the unintentional addition or omission of a word, phrase, or figure.