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What style of music is Terpsichore?

What style of music is Terpsichore?

Protestant style
His wide range of compositions consists of masses and hymns in the Protestant style of the time, as well as music that brought the polychoral music of the Venetian School to his circle in Germany. “Terpsichore,” originally one of the nine Greek muses, has come to mean a joy of dance and music.

What era is dances from Terpsichore?

17th century Renaissance period
This fantastic arrangement of dances from the 17th century Renaissance period includes three movements: La Bouree; Pavane and Spagnoletta and Courante.

What is the instrumental music by Michael Praetorius?

He also composed works for many different instrumental ensembles, The popular Christmas chorale “Lo, How A Rose E’er Blooming” is often attributed to Praetorius, but is actually his 1609 arrangement of an old folk song some scholars date back to the 14th century.

What is the only secular composition by Michael?

Terpsichore, a compendium of more than 300 instrumental dances is his most widely known and recorded work today; it is his sole surviving secular work from a projected multi-volume collection (Musae Aioniae).

What did Terpsichore look like?

Appearance. Terpsichore is usually depicted sitting down, holding a lyre, accompanying the dancers’ choirs with her music. Her name comes from the Greek words τέρπω (“delight”) and χoρός (“dance”).

What are the 6 instrumental music in history?

The 6 musical periods are classified as Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and 20th/21st Century, with each fitting into an approximate time frame.

What is vocal instrumental and dance known as?

Sangeet is a word which doesn’t really translate into English. In its most general sense it is considered synonymous with the term “music”; however it is actually a threefold art-form of vocal music, instrumental music, and dance.

Who is Michael Pretorius?

Profile: German composer, organist and music theorist (born circa 15th February 1571, Creuzburg, Thuringia [Free State], Germany – died 15th February 1621, Wolfenbüttel, Germany).

What is the meaning of Praetorius?

In 16th and 17th century Germany it became a fashion for educated people named “Schulze,” “Schultheiß,” or “Richter” (which means “judge”), to Latinise their names as “Praetorius,” referring to a former official position called “Praetor urbanus.”

What is a myth about Terpsichore?

The Muse Terpsichore in Greek Mythology In the case of Terpsichore, and of course the other Younger Muses, the partner of Zeus was Mnemosyne one of the Titans. Zeus was said to have slept with Mnemosyne on nine separate nights.

How do you use Terpsichore in a sentence?

How to use Terpsichore in a sentence

  1. The Blonde and Terpsichore at length struck their colours, but Thurot held out to the last.
  2. The chief pleasure and delight of Terpsichore is in the graceful movements of the dance.