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What port does VMware use?

What port does VMware use?

VMware Pages

Port Purpose
443 (Default) HTTPS access vSphere Client access to vCenter Server vSphere Client access to ESXi hosts vSphere Client access to vSphere Update Manager
902 (Default) vSphere Client access to virtual machine consoles

What port does VDI use?

Each Oracle VDI host must be able to make connections to Active Directory on the following ports: Port 53 for DNS lookups on Active Directory. Ports 88 and 464 for Kerberos authentication to a Key Distribution Center (KDC) Port 389 for the secure LDAP connection to a domain controller.

How do I open a port on VMware?

  1. Open Virtual Machine Settings (Rightclick -> Settings…)
  2. Power on the Virtual Machine and write down the IP address (You could also use a static IP address)
  3. Open Virtual Network Editor (Edit -> Virtual Network Editor…)
  4. Select VMnet8 / NAT and press NAT Settings…
  5. Click Add.
  6. Configure Port and IP address.

What is TCP VMware?

vSphere 6.0 introduced a new TCP/IP stack architecture, which can use multiple TPC/IP stacks to manage different VMkernel network interfaces. With this architecture, you can configure traffic services such as vMotion, management, and fault tolerance on isolated TCP/IP stacks, which can use multiple default gateways.

What is the difference between VMware blast and PCoIP?

Before diving in, let’s take a moment to understand the difference between PCoIP and Blast. PCoIP uses the UDP protocol which is suited for media streaming. To use PCoIP, you need to use a client such as the horizon View client from VMware. VMware Blast Extreme can also use the same client yet uses the H.

Is 8443 a secure port?

8443 is an alternative for 443. 443 is a secure port for https. Not much difference between the two.

What is PCoIP port?

The PCoIP protocol uses ports UDP:4172, TCP:4172 and either TCP:443 or TCP:60443 as preferred. These ports must be open to allow the flow of PCoIP traffic through the firewall.

How do I test a VM port?


  1. In the vSphere Client, navigate to the vCenter Server instance.
  2. Select the Configure tab.
  3. Under Settings, select General.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Select Ports. The ports used by the Web service are displayed.
  6. Click Save.

How do I enable a VM port?

Create a network security group

  1. Search for and select the resource group for the VM, choose Add, then search for and select Network security group.
  2. Select Create.
  3. Enter a name for your network security group.
  4. Select or create a resource group, then select a location.
  5. Select Create to create the network security group.