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What perks do you get with a mini suite on Princess?

What perks do you get with a mini suite on Princess?

Premium location mini-suites plus premier dining benefits and additional luxuries

  • Premium Location Mini-suites.
  • Exclusive Club Class Dining.
  • Priority Embark & Debark.
  • Complimentary Wine.
  • Priority Specialty Dining Reservations.
  • Evening Canapés.
  • Upgraded Bathrobes.

Do balconies connect on Regal Princess?

These are the connecting room options on Regal Princess: A Standard Balcony and a Mini Suite. Two Deluxe Balcony rooms. Two Premium Deluxe Balcony rooms. Two Mini Suites.

What is the difference between balcony and premium balcony on Princess?

The spacious 240 to 298-square-foot Premium Balcony stateroom is appointed with the same amenities as our Balcony stateroom but also features a large balcony of 54 to 109 square feet. Select Premium Balcony staterooms have a rear-facing balcony from which to enjoy dramatic wake views.

What is an obstructed balcony view on Regal Princess?

The Obstructed View Deluxe Balcony cabin provides approximately 233 square feet of comfort, and includes all the same features of the Balcony stateroom, but have a partially or fully obstructed view from the approximately 41 square foot balcony. It features a sofa bed for relaxing or accommodating a 3rd passenger.

Do you get bathrobes on Princess Cruises?

Also, you can request bathrobes and slippers from your cabin steward who will provide these if they are available. Club class cabin and suites feature Bathrobe as standard and Suites also feature a complimentary Mini Bar.

What is a princess balcony?

The typical Princess balcony cabin has twin beds that can be converted into a queen bed, a built-in desk with a chair and a built-in miniature refrigerator. In addition to beds, a desk and a miniature fridge, premium balcony cabins have a seating area with a sofa bed that can be used for a third passenger in the room.

Does Regal Princess have kettles in cabins?

Princess Cruises do have kettles in the cabins of their cruise ships on SOME sailings from the UK. Elsewhere in the world kettles are not provided as standard. What is this? Tea and coffee are also available through the complimentary room service, in the buffet, and premium options are available around the ship.

Does Regal Princess have USB ports?

No USB ports anywhere.

What does gold mean on Princess Cruises?

Gold Membership Benefits Book early and relish in savings, like a discounted fare for the first two guests in your stateroom. While on board subsequent cruises, you can even attend members-only events and meet other like-minded adventurers.

What are cabin categories on Princess Cruises?

As is typical for many cruise ships, Princess vessels offer cabins in four broad categories: Windowless “inside” cabins, ocean-view cabins, balcony cabins and suites.

Is afternoon tea included on Princess Cruises?

While the standard afternoon tea in the Buffet is included on a Princess cruise, the Royal afternoon tea costs extra. The Royal Afternoon tea is a white-gloved premium afternoon tea experience. Princess Cruises Royal Afternoon tea costs $10 USD per person or $20 USD per person with champagne.