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What is the scientific definition of soap?

What is the scientific definition of soap?

Soaps are sodium or potassium fatty acids salts, produced from the hydrolysis of fats in a chemical reaction called saponification. Each soap molecule has a long hydrocarbon chain, sometimes called its ‘tail’, with a carboxylate ‘head’.

What is another meaning for soap?

In this page you can discover 28 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for soap, like: soapsuds, lather, cleanser, liquid ecstasy, suds, goop, wash, saponaceous, sponge, solvent and max.

What is soap class 10?

Soap is a sodium salt or potassium salt of long chain fatty acids having cleansing action in water. They are using as cleansing agents to remove dirt, oil from the skin and clothes. Detergents have almost the same properties as soaps but they are more effective in hard water.

What is a soap message?

A SOAP message is an XML document that consists of a SOAP envelope, an optional SOAP header, and a SOAP body. The SOAP message header contains information that allows the message to be routed through one or more intermediate nodes before it reaches its final destination.

Why are soaps called soaps?

Other soap companies, including Lever Brothers and Palmolive, also muscled in until pretty much every long-running serial on radio, and later on TV, was accompanied by a jingle for a soap powder or toiletry product. In time, soap operas got shortened – and that’s the squeaky clean reason we call them soaps.

Did the Romans have soap?

Ancient Roman legend gives soap its name: From Mount Sapo, where animals were sacrificed, rain washed a mixture of melted animal fats and wood ashes down into the Tiber River below. There, the soapy mixture was discovered to be useful for washing clothing and skin.

What is the antonym of soap?

What is the opposite of soap?

begrime besmirch
stain sully
taint tarnish
muddy smudge
spoil blacken

What is meaning of soap in Sanskrit?

સાબુ. – ને સાબુ દેવો – લગાડવો ⇄ soap.

What is soap class 12?

Soaps. Soaps are sodium or potassium salts of long chain fatty acids (containing 15-18 carbon atoms), e.g., stearic, oleic and palmitic acids. Sodium salts of fatty acids are known as hard soaps and potassium salts of any fatty acids are known as soft soaps.

What is detergent and soap?

Soaps are made from natural ingredients, such as plant oils (coconut, vegetable, palm, pine) or acids derived from animal fat. Detergents, on the other hand, are synthetic, man-made derivatives.

What is a SOAP action?

SOAPAction. The SOAPAction header is a transport protocol header (either HTTP or JMS). It is transmitted with SOAP messages, and provides information about the intention of the web service request, to the service. The WSDL interface for a web service defines the SOAPAction header value used for each operation.

What is a SOAP call?

SOAP is a communication protocol designed to communicate via Internet. SOAP can extend HTTP for XML messaging. SOAP provides data transport for Web services. SOAP can exchange complete documents or call a remote procedure. SOAP can be used for broadcasting a message.