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Who is Helghast based on?

Who is Helghast based on?

It was not until in 2305 that the third generation of indigenous Helghan were genetically adapted to the environment, becoming biologically stronger than regular humans. Scolar Visari deemed the mutated Helghan population a new race different from and superior over humanity, coining the new race as the “Helghast”.

Are the Helghast human?

Before the events of Killzone, the Helghasts were human colonists living in Human Colonies under the control of the Helgan Corporation in the Alpha Centauri System.

Are the Helghast the good guys?

Now, there are shades of grey in the story, with the Helghan Corporation certainly able to have avoided certain calamities had it not been so proud, but the bottom line is that the Helghast aren’t entirely terrible and the self-serving UCN, the “good guys” of the story, were just as bad.

What happened to Sev and Rico?

Sev labeled a war criminal after stopping Stahl’s attempt to exterminate Earth. After returning to Vekta, Sev along with Rico both went into hiding due to the surviving Helghast being aware of their involvement in the Terracide and holding them responsible for the destruction of their world.

Why does Helghast wear a mask?

The caustic unbreathable air of Helghan has completely mutated the lungs of the Helghast. To deal with this, Helghast are equipped with respirators and face masks in order to breathe both the air of Helghan and even the air on other planets.

How are Helghast different from humans?

In addition the Helghast are physically stronger and more durable than human beings, denser muscular systems and hardier bones. Adding onto these enhancements the helghast as a race have a more robust cellular regenerative system than humans, allowing them to heal faster and on average live longer.

Why do Helghast wear masks?

Helghast wear gas masks because they can only breathe Helghan’s atmosphere.

Why do Helghast eyes glow?

To deal with this, Helghast are equipped with respirators and face masks in order to breathe both the air of Helghan and even the air on other planets. While their glowing orange goggles have been equipped to help protect their eyes from dust and debris caught in the harsh winds of Helghan.

Will there be Killzone 5?

According to a recently leaked image, Killzone the Complete Collection might be headed over to PlayStation 5 and PC in late 2022. Killzone is PlayStation’s flagship first-person shooter franchise, developed by Guerrilla Games.

What happened to hakha?

Hakha was immediately marked for assassination by the Helghast Third Army during the invasion of Vekta. His ISA bodyguard was struck down and he was captured until being rescued from certain death by Captain Jan Templar, Sergeant Rico Velasquez and Shadow Marshal Luger.

What happened to Rico in Killzone?

In Killzone 3, Rico has slimmed down noticeably, possibly due to stress from fighting the Helghast combined with lack of food. His hair and facial hair have grown as time has passed.

How tall are Helghast?

Helghast are taller than the average human by a rate of six inches to one foot in height, with seven foot tall helghast being a fairly common sight amongst the species.

Who are the Helghast in Killzone?

Anyone who’s played the PlayStation exclusive series Killzone knows that the main focus of each title is on the conflict between the Vektan ISA and the iconic Helghast Empire. While always portrayed as the main antagonists of the games, the Helghast have a rather complicated history with the Vektans.

Who are the Helghast in Star Wars?

The Helghast are a race of mutated pale-skinned humans with increased strength, stamina, intelligence and height. They are the descendants of Helghan Corporation colonists who resettled on the barren planet Helghan following in the aftermath of the First Extrasolar War. They largely made up the Helghan Empire and New Helghan.

How did the Helghast become so powerful?

Under Visari, the Helghast adopted a culture of xenophobia, nationalism, and militancy. The Empire became the instigator of the Second Extrasolar War, seeking to reconquer Vekta and replacing the UCN as the sole dominant power in the galaxy.