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What is the postal code for Khayelitsha?

What is the postal code for Khayelitsha?

Khayelitsha/Zip codes

How many public schools are there in Khayelitsha?

52 schools
The south African city of Khayelitsha has 52 schools all suburbs and townships….Nearby Areas:

Schools to browse in Khayelitsha School Name Harry Gwala Sec
Suburb / Township T3-v4
Phase Secondary School
Specialisation Maths Science And Technology

What is the population of Khayelitsha?

Khayelitsha has a population of 391,749 (as of 2011). However, more recent estimates of the population are between 1.2 (2014) and 2.4 (2020) million.

What area code is 7784?

Postal Code 7784 – Cape Town, Western Cape.

What is Wynbergs postcode?

Wynberg/Zip codes

What suburb is Khayelitsha?

Each suburb is followed by its postcode. The first code is for street deliveries, the second, where applicable, refers to PO boxes….South East Suburbs (Former Cape Flats)

Suburb Street Code Postal Code
Khayelitsha 7784 7783
Langa 7455 7456
Lavender Hill 7945

What Ward number is Khayelitsha?

Khayelitsha is one of the biggest townships in the Western Cape. In the past year, it’s grabbed headlines over violence, land occupations and service delivery protests. In Ward 18 which covers Site C, the ANC’s Ntomboxolo Kopman retained her position as the ward councillor.

Who is the founder of Khayelitsha?

Khayelitsha Township was established in the same year to accommodate informal settlement dwellers on the Cape Flats, the majority coming from Old Crossroads to escape the violence by the ‘Witdoeke’ (a notorious vigilante group) under the control of Johnson Ngxobongwana. The settlement began with a tented town.

When was Khayelitsha built?

Officially established in 1983, Khayelitsha was constructed to resettle African residents from the Western Cape.

What is the postal code for Hout Bay?

Hout Bay/Zip codes

What is the postal code for Plumstead?

Location Information

Item Description
Location Plumstead
Postcode 7801
Metropolitan City of Cape Town
State Western Cape