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What is the molecular orbital of lithium?

What is the molecular orbital of lithium?

The combination of two lithium atoms to form a lithium molecule, Li2, is analogous to the formation of H2, but the atomic orbitals involved are the valence 2s orbitals. Each of the two lithium atoms has one valence electron. Hence, we have two valence electrons available for the σ2s bonding molecular orbital.

What is the molecular orbital configuration and bond order for Li2?

It has a bond order of 1, an internuclear separation of 267. The electron configuration of Li 2 may be written as σ 2 It has been observed that 1% (by mass) of lithium in the CAS Number: 14452-59-6 Chemical formula: Li₂ ChemSpider: 123254 Molar mass: 13.

What is the Li Li bond order in Li2 and in Li2 +?

Li2 + and Li2 – ions have the same bond order ( 0.5).

How do you draw a molecular orbital diagram?


  1. Find the valence electron configuration of each atom in the molecule.
  2. Decide if the molecule is homonuclear of heteronuclear.
  3. Fill molecular orbitals using energy and bonding properties of the overlapping atomic orbitals.
  4. Use the diagram to predict properties of the molecule.

What is the bond order of lithium?

The bond order of the molecule dilithium, Li2, is 1.

Is Li2 − paramagnetic or diamagnetic?

In this case, the number of unpaired electrons n =

Species (Molecules or ions) Total Number of electrons Magnetic Behavior
H2-,He2+ 3 Paramagnetic
He2, 4 Diamagnetic
Li2+,He2- 5 Paramagnetic
Li2, He22-, Be22+ 6 Diamagnetic

How many electrons does Li2?

That means there are 3 electrons in a lithium atom. Looking at the picture, you can see there are two electrons in shell one and only one in shell two.

Is Li2 − Li2 − paramagnetic or diamagnetic?

Li2 only has 2 electrons. If you draw the MO diagram, they should both be in the sigma 2s bonding orbital. They are both paired, so it is diamagnetic.

Which is more stable Li or Li+?

Also Li atom is more stable than Li+. However, in aqueous medium, due to extremely large hydration energy (energy evolved when a substance is hydrolysed), in aqueous medium, Li+ is more stable.