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What is PTCRB testing?

What is PTCRB testing?

PTCRB stands for PCS Type Certification Review Board is a type of certification set up by Cellular operators of North American to test all mobile phones, M2M devices, IoT devices as well as some other similar hardware operating on the mobile networks.

How much does PTCRB certification cost?

You will need to know: • Module configuration • Device Features and Operations • The Device IMEI • The test lab you would prefer to work with • ALSO, if this is your first request for certification there may be a PTCRB certification fee of $3,500 – $4,500.

How do I get PTCRB certified?

The PTCRB certification process

  1. Manufacturer submits a request for certification via the certification database – located on the PTCRB website.
  2. Manufacturer selects a primary lab.
  3. Primary lab determines testing required for device based upon individual device capabilities.

Is PTCRB required?

Well, PTCRB is only applicable in North America and only required in North America. So any place outside of North America, PTCRB is not applicable. The technologies that require PTCRB would be the GSM technologies and those line up with several carriers like AT, T-Mobile and Rogers and Telus in Canada.

What is GCF and PTCRB?

The GCF and PTCRB are network operator founded organizations established to create third party cellular mobile device certification to ensure that a device meets a minimum set of requirements established by the members.

What is Verizon ODI?

Certification to Verizon’s Open Developer Initiative enables a product to connect to the Verizon operator network. In this guide, you’ll understand the steps to certification as well as have a guide to test sample configurations, getting your project to a successful start.

What is IC certification?

IC certification, aka ISED certification, is a mandatory certification for wireless products to enter Canada. IC standards for Industry Canada which is the Canadian Authority regulating and approving wireless products certification.

Is GCF certification mandatory?

GCF certification is mandatory for devices requiring connection to networks in countries outside of North America. GCF certification ensures compliance with a set of cellular network standards and is applicable both for module manufacturers and end-product manufacturers.

What is GCF cellular?

The Global Certification Forum, known as GCF, is an active partnership between mobile network operators, mobile device manufacturers and the test industry.

What is ThingSpace Verizon?

ThingSpace Manage is Verizon’s portal for managing IoT device connectivity on the Verizon Wireless network. ThingSpace IoT-specific connectivity management functions include viewing. and monitoring connectivity status, data usage, dashboards, device lists, reports, and alerts.

What is FCC IC certification?

Registering your company with the appropriate agency. In the U.S., the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the governing body for wireless devices. Canada has a similar regulating body called Industry Canada (IC). Companies must register with the appropriate body. FCC registration is a two-step process.