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What is option 43 used for in DHCP?

What is option 43 used for in DHCP?

DHCP servers and clients use Option 43 to exchange vendor-specific configuration information.

What is the difference between Option 43 and Option 60?

Option 60 defines the vendor type and configuration value. Option 43 defines vendor specific information. If option 60 is configured, the vendor specific information (defined in option 43) is returned to clients that provide the appropriate vendor type and configuration value.

What is UniFi DHCP option 43?

DHCP Option 43 This option leverages your DHCP server to inform your UniFi device of the location of your remote Network Application host.

How does a lightweight access point communicate with a wireless LAN controller?

Wireless LAN controllers (WLCs) use Lightweight Access Point Protocol (LWAPP) to communicate with lightweight APs (LAPs), as shown in Figure 22-9. LAPs are useful in situations where many APs are required in the network.

What is enable option125?

Option 125 is a vendor-specific DHCP Server feature that is required if you are using AIM’s multi-subnet mode. It provides additional information to the Infinity Receivers and Transmitters when requesting an IP Address from the DHCP Server.

What is DHCP guarding?

DHCP guarding configures Unifi switches to restrict DHCP servers to the IP’s listed. This can prevent malicious or accidental DHCP servers (someone plugging their router into a LAN port and causing clients to join their network) Recommend enabling and including the Gateway for the network as a trusted DHCP server.

What is VCI in DHCP?

VCI is a text string that uniquely identifies a type of vendor device. Based on the VCI string, the DHCP server responds with the correct VSI included in Option 43.

What are the DHCP options?

Common Options DHCP option 1: subnet mask to be applied on the interface asking for an IP address. DHCP option 3: default router or last resort gateway for this interface. DHCP option 6: which DNS (Domain Name Server) to include in the IP configuration for name resolution. DHCP option 51: lease time for this IP address.

What is the benefit of lightweight Wireless Access Points?

Lightweight Access Point Protocol (LWAPP) is the name of a protocol that can control multiple Wi-Fi wireless access points at once. This can reduce the amount of time spent on configuring, monitoring or troubleshooting a large network. The system will also allow network administrators to closely analyze the network.

What is difference between lightweight and autonomous access point?

The main difference is autonomous do not require a controller to control the AP and it use WLSE for management software; the LWAPP require a WLC wireless controller to control all of the AP but provide ease of management for the communication / setting between APs, it use another management software call WCS.

What is DHCP 82 Cisco?

DHCP Option 82 is organized as a single DHCP option that contains information known by the relay agent. This feature provides additional security when DHCP is used to allocate network addresses, and enables the Cisco controller to act as a DHCP relay agent to prevent DHCP client requests from untrusted sources.

How do I use DHCP option 60?

You use the set dhcp vendor-option command to configure vendor-option (option 60) strings to control DHCP client traffic Create DHCP vendor-option servers by configuring DHCP relay to match DHCP option 60 strings and to specify what action to use for the traffic.

How does DHCP option 43 work with Cisco WLCS?

When a Cisco Wireless Unified architecture is deployed, the LAPs can use a vendor-specific DHCP Option 43 to join specific Wireless LAN Controllers (WLCs) when the WLC is in a different subnet than the LAP.

What is DHCP_option_60 on a Cisco AP?

If the Cisco AP runs or above (12.4 (23c) JA2 or above) and if a bootloader environmental variable (env_vars) named DHCP_OPTION_60 exists in flash, the value is appended to the VCI.

How to configure DHCP on Cisco Aironet APS (Cisco IOS)?

Cisco Aironet APs (Cisco IOS) 1 Enter configuration mode at the Cisco IOS CLI. 2 Create the DHCP pool, which includes the necessary parameters such as the default router and server name. This is an… 3 Add the Option 43 line with this syntax:#N#option 43 hex #N#The hexadecimal string in step 3 is… More

What is option 43 ASCII in DHCP?

option 43 ascii “Comma Separated IP Address List” For example, if you are configuring Option 43 for Cisco 1000, 1500, or 1500 series access points using the controller IP addresses and, add the following line to the DHCP pool in the Cisco IOS CLI: option 43 ascii “,”