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What is ODI procedure?

What is ODI procedure?

Create a New ODI Source Datastore for Use with ODI Interface. Create a New ODI Model for the RDBMS Target. Create a New ODI Target Datastore for Use with ODI Interface.

What does Oracle Data Integrator do?

Oracle Data Integrator is a comprehensive data integration platform that covers all data integration requirements: from high-volume, high-performance batch loads, to event-driven, trickle-feed integration processes, to SOA-enabled data services.

What is ODI variable?

What is an ODI Variable? A variable is an object that stores a single value. This value can be a string, a number or a date. The variable value is stored in Oracle Data Integrator. It can be used in several places in your projects, and its value can be updated at run-time.

What is reusable mapping in ODI 12c?

ODI 12c introduces the concept of reusable mapping, similar to those in OWB. It is designed like a standard mapping except that it use an input and/or an output signature in replacement of datastores. This allow to reuse it in multiple regular mappings by connecting these signatures to other components.

How can I use option in ODI procedure?

Options can be used in two ways to control the way procedures are executed….You do not need to define any options.

  1. Click the Options tab.
  2. In Properties, enter the name as it appears in the list of options when you execute the procedure. Enter a description.
  3. Select the option type.
  4. Save and run the procedure.

Why is ODI used?

ODI reduces the time spent in learning the product as well and helps in increasing developer productivity. ODI Eliminates the need for a standalone ETL server and proprietary engine. It leverages the power of a relational database like Oracle for processing.

What is the role of ODI developer?

Implementing the extraction, loading, and transformation EL-T of data using Oracle Data Integrator configuring the ODI master and work repositories, ODI models, defining and organizing the ODI project including interfaces, packages, procedures, variables, user defined-functions, and knowledge modules.

How do I refresh a variable in ODI?

Now you can refresh your variable from a file! Just drag the variable into a package……How to refresh ODI variables from file – Part 1 – Just one value

  1. Read to the file (c:temp my_test_file. txt in my case)
  2. one column (C1 in my case) and datatype String.
  3. 1 line as header.

Which ODI Agent allows scheduling of jobs?

Scheduling the ODI Scenario

  • In Topology Navigator, open: Physical Architecture > Agents > localagent. Click Test to verify connection to ODI agent, as shown below.
  • Expand the PRD-create-populate-table procedure.
  • On the screen that follows, select the agent where the scheduled scenario will run: localagent.

What is Oracle Golden Gate?

OCI GoldenGate is a real-time data mesh platform, providing a managed service allowing users to design, execute, orchestrate, and monitor their data replication and stream data processing solutions in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

What is OCI data integration?

OCI Data Integration provides a nice graphical interface to design data flows in a WYSIWYG canvas. This no-code approach enables business users, ETL developers, and data engineers with a deep understanding of the data to develop their own data integration pipelines without requiring any technical knowledge.

How do I run an Oracle Data Integrator tool from the command line?

When you run a tool from a command line, you must specify the -INSTANCE parameter, where is the name of the physical agent you configured (for example, OracleDIAgent1 ). To use an Oracle Data Integrator tool from a command line:

Is it possible to execute code in Oracle Data Integrator?

In this case, rather than writing an external program or script, you would include the code in Oracle Data Integrator and execute it from your packages. Procedures require you to develop all your code manually, as opposed to interfaces.

How does Oracle Data Integrator generate code for my expression?

Oracle Data Integrator will generate the appropriate code depending on the execution location of your expression. substring (GET_MONTH_NAME (CUSTOMER.LAST_ORDER_DATE), 1, 3), Oracle Data Integrator will generate code similar to the following, depending on your execution technology:

What is a procedure in Oracle Data Integrator?

This section provides an introduction to procedures and describes how to create and use procedures in Oracle Data Integrator. A Procedure is a set of commands that can be executed by an agent. These commands concern all technologies accessible by Oracle Data Integrator (OS, JDBC, JMS commands, etc).