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What is not allowed during the Three Weeks?

What is not allowed during the Three Weeks?

1. Halacha – Music and dancing are not allowed during the Three Weeks.

What are the rules for the 9 days?

During the Nine Days, these additional activities are forbidden by Jewish law because they bring joy:

  • Home improvements, painting and new construction.
  • Planting trees, flowers or grass.
  • Laundering clothes, towels, tablecloths and bed linens.
  • Wearing new or freshly laundered clothing.

How long is a week in Judaism?

The seven-day week, the notion of a weekly day of rest, and many Christian and Islamic holiday observances owe their origins to the Jewish calendar, Sabbath, and festivals.

Are you allowed to shave during the Three Weeks?

Are there any situations where haircutting and shaving are permitted during the Three Weeks? Yes. According to some poskim, an adult may give a child a haircut during the Three Weeks, except for the week in which Tisha B’Av occurs (OC 551:14 and Mishna Berura 551:82).

Can I cut my nails during the 3 weeks?

Cutting nails during the Three Weeks is permitted.

Can you dye your hair during the 3 weeks?

Wait At Least 2 Weeks to Re-Dye Trichologists (hair scientists) recommend waiting at least 2 weeks – but technically 15 days – before you re-dye your hair if it’s already damaged. This is especially true if you’ve used permanent hair color or a high-volume developer (30 or 40 volume).

Can you drink alcohol during the 9 days?

Those who are particular to recite Havdalah every week over wine or grape juice should do so during the Nine Days as well,(26) since this too is permitted, just as it is permitted to drink wine at a seudas mitzvah.

Can you eat meat in the 9 days?

When it comes to eating and drinking during the Nine Days, meat (including poultry) and wine are prohibited except on Shabbat. Meat and wine are associated both with joy.

What did the Hebrews call the days of the week?

The Hebrew days of the week:

Day (English) Name (Hebrew) Pronunciation
Monday שני Sheni
Tuesday שלישי Shlishi
Wednesday רביעי Revi’i
Thursday חמישי Chamishi

Does Shabbat mean?

he rested
According to the Torah, Shabbat commemorates the day that God rested from creating the world; the word Shabbat literally means “he rested.” Exodus 34:21 states: “Six days you shall work, but on the seventh day you shall rest.” Shabbat is considered a day of peace and holiness.

Can you cut your nails during the 3 weeks?

Can you cut your hair during the 9 days?

Yevamot 43b. For it was taught: From the first day of the month [of Av] until the fast, the public restricts their activities in trade, building, and planting, and refrain from betrothals and marriages. During the week in which the Ninth of Av occurs it is forbidden to cut hair, and to wash clothes.

What is the significance of the three weeks in Judaism?

The Three Weeks or Bein ha-Metzarim ( Hebrew: בין המצרים, “Between the Straits “) (cf ” dire straits “) is a period of mourning commemorating the destruction of the first and second Jewish Temples. The Three Weeks start on the seventeenth day of the Jewish month of Tammuz — the fast of Shiva Asar B’Tammuz — and end on…

Where did the three weeks come from?

The first source for a special status of the Three Weeks—which is also the oldest extant reference to these days as Bein ha-Metzarim—is found in Eikhah Rabbathi 1.29 ( Lamentations Rabbah, 4th century?).

What happened during the three weeks?

This attack led to the destruction of the Temple three weeks later. In Hebrew, the period of the Three Weeks is known as “ bein hametzarim ,” or, literally, “within the straits” or “within the borders.” This name comes from a verse in the Book of Lamentations, or Eicha, which is read on Tisha B’

When does the three weeks start and end?

The Three Weeks start on the seventeenth day of the Jewish month of Tammuz — the fast of Shiva Asar B’Tammuz — and end on the ninth day of the Jewish month of Av — the fast of Tisha B’Av, which occurs exactly three weeks later. Both of these fasts commemorate events surrounding the destruction of the Jewish Temples and…