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What is burnout fabric called?

What is burnout fabric called?

Devoré (also called burnout) is a fabric technique particularly used on velvets, where a mixed-fibre material undergoes a chemical process to dissolve the cellulose fibers to create a semi-transparent pattern against more solidly woven fabric.

What does burnout fabric look like?

Burn-out fabrics feature a sheer ground with opaque, often textured motifs. The name comes from the traditional technique for creating the velvet-on-silk variety, a blended textile in which the ground fabric is a different fiber type than the pile.

What is polyester burnout?

A burnout t-shirt is a standard cotton/polyester blended t-shirt where a chemical mixture “burns” away the cotton in the fabric, and leaves the other fabric that’s left, usually a polyester fabric.

What is devore printing?

Devore, is a process where cellulose fibres are chemically removed, or burnt out from protein fibres in certain mixed fibre fabrics. In this workshop you will learn how to dye your fabric, create your own devore paste and print your own devore fabric with a pre-exposed screen of your artwork.

What is discharge printing?

discharge printing, also called Extract Printing, method of applying a design to dyed fabric by printing a colour-destroying agent, such as chlorine or hydrosulfite, to bleach out a white or light pattern on the darker coloured ground.

What is Plisse material?

Plissé originally referred to fabric that had been woven or gathered into pleats and has also been known as crinkle crêpe. It takes its name from the French word for fold. Today, it is a lightweight fabric with a crinkled, puckered surface, formed in ridges or stripes.

What are burnout Tshirts?

Burnouts are a trendy, soft, lightweight shirt that are perfect for layering. They have a lacy appearance, and should typically be worn over a tank or a cami because of the sheerness (see the picture to the right).

What is burnout wash?

Burnout wash uses a chemical process where the cotton fibers are removed from the garment until the desired effect is achieved. This process is primarily used in fabrics with atleast 2 different fibers to amplify the effect but usually requires at least 40% or more cotton.

What is embossed velvet?

Embossing velvet is easier than one might think… The embossed images are created using heat, producing sunken and iridescent images that can appear shadowy or very reflective depending upon the angle and the folds and fall of the fabric – that is why it can be so tricky to photograph them.