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What is another word for clientelism?

What is another word for clientelism?

There is, as is usual, ambiguity in the use of political terminology and the terms “clientelism”, the “patron–client relationship”, “patronage” and the political machine are sometimes used to describe similar or related concepts.

What is a synonym of patronage?

In this page you can discover 61 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for patronage, like: support, aegis, patronization, benefaction, trade, assistance, auspice, patronize, grant, financing and special privileges.

What is the synonym of Traverse?

peregrinate, proceed (along), track, transit, travel.

What is the synonym of commemorative?

Some common synonyms of commemorate are celebrate, keep, and observe. While all these words mean “to notice or honor a day, occasion, or deed,” commemorate suggests that an occasion is marked by observances that remind one of the origin and significance of the event.

What is political clientelism in the Philippines?

This is a study of Philippine presidential appointments to explain in the framework of political clientelism, where appointments to the offices is one of major political resources for the President in the exchanges of support.

Is it patronize or Patronise?

verb (used with object), pa·tron·ized, pa·tron·iz·ing. to give (a store, restaurant, hotel, etc.)

What does it mean to patronize a person?

Patronizing can mean “giving support to” or “being a customer of,” suggesting that the “condescending” sense implies superiority gained through a donor-dependent relationship. The verb condescend used to be free of any hint of the offensive superiority it usually suggests today.

What traverse means?

transitive verb. 1a : to go or travel across or over. b : to move or pass along or through light rays traversing a crystal. 2 : to make a study of : examine. 3 : to lie or extend across : cross the bridge traverses a brook.

What is opposite traverse?

Opposite of to move over or back and forth over. confirm. stay. back up. remain.

How is commemorating different to celebrating?

A: Well, if it’s a joyous occasion, you’ll be going for “celebrate”. But as it becomes more solemn, especially if it involves the memory of someone or something – such as a war memorial – then you’ll likely be opting for “commemorate”.

What does it mean to commemorate someone?

to call to remembrance
Definition of commemorate transitive verb. 1 : to call to remembrance St. Andrew is commemorated on November 30. 2 : to mark by some ceremony or observation : observe commemorate an anniversary. 3 : to serve as a memorial of a plaque that commemorates the battle.