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What is a Zooty?

What is a Zooty?

Definition of zooty : typical of a zoot-suiter : flashy in manner or style a zooty haircut.

What does Zootiest mean?

Definition of ZOOTIEST: characteristic of a zoot suiter; extreme or flamboyant in style or appearance.

Is Zooty a word?

ZOOTY is a valid scrabble word.

What does zoetic mean?

or relating to life : living, vital
Definition of zoetic : of or relating to life : living, vital.

What does zingy mean?

enjoyably exciting
Definition of zingy 1 : enjoyably exciting a zingy musical. 2 : strikingly attractive or appealing wore a zingy new outfit. 3 : sharply piquant a zingy salad.

What is being zealous?

1 : filled with or showing a strong and energetic desire to get something done or see something succeed The police were zealous in their pursuit of the criminals. 2 : marked by passionate support for a person, cause, or ideal a zealous fan. Other Words from zealous. zealously adverb.

Is Zootys a valid scrabble word?

Yes, zooty is in the scrabble dictionary.

What Zounds means?

a mild oath indicating surprise, indignation
archaic a mild oath indicating surprise, indignation, etc.

What does zesty mean in slang?

Something that’s zesty is fun and exciting.

What is a positive word that starts with Z?


  • Zaftig having a shapely and full figure; voluptuous; full-bosomed.
  • Zany comical; ludicrously comical, bizarre or clownish.
  • Zappy energetic; lively.
  • Zazzy flashy; shiny.
  • Zealed full of or filled with zeal.
  • Zealful full of zeal; zealous.

What does Overzealousness mean?

Definition of overzealous : too zealous : having or showing too much zeal : excessively eager, enthusiastic, or fervent overzealous parents overzealous workers … another version of the overzealous monitoring that has produced kids who leave for college without ever having crossed the street by themselves.—

Why did Jesus build the church?

Jesus taught His followers that revelation from God was the rock on which He would build His Church. At the end of His life, Jesus Christ suffered and died for the sins of everyone who has lived or who will live on earth. This sacrifice is called the Atonement.

What is the meaning of Zooty?

Definition of zooty : typical of a zoot-suiter : flashy in manner or style a zooty haircut First Known Use of zooty 1942, in the meaning defined above

What is Zoot Zoot?

A gesture of affection that consists of hands gently bouncing through the air from your heart to another’s heart and saying the words “ zoot, zoot, zoot”! A way to show your appreciation to others.

What is Zooty mug?

Get the zooty mug. A one piece, lycra, singlet and mid thigh shorts, worn for rowing. Short name for a zoot suit. Oh, I have the worst zooty tan. Get the zooty mug. A term that represents sending love.

What is a Zooty haircut?

Definition of zooty. : typical of a zoot-suiter : flashy in manner or style a zooty haircut.