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What is a simple definition of plain?

What is a simple definition of plain?

Definition of plain (Entry 1 of 5) 1 : lacking ornament : undecorated. 2 : free of extraneous matter : pure. 3 : free of impediments to view : unobstructed.

What words describe plain?

OTHER WORDS FOR plain 1, 2 lucid, understandable, intelligible, unmistakable, apparent, perspicuous. 2, 3 unambiguous, unequivocal, patent, transparent. 5 unreserved, straightforward, direct, blunt, frank, ingenuous, open, sincere. 6 unpretentious.

Who is a plain person?

Definition of Plain People : members of any of various Protestant groups (such as Mennonites) especially in the U.S. who wear distinctively plain clothes and adhere to a simple and traditional style of life excluding many conveniences of modern technology.

Is plain an insult?

As used nowadays it is not a compliment, though nor is it really derogatory. “Vulgar” and “common” are not associated with being plain; an aristocratic and well-dressed woman could still be plain.

What is an example of a plain?

Some of the better known examples of plains include the Atlantic and Gulf coastal plains of North America and the inland coastal plain of Israel and the Mediterranean Sea.

What are the types of plain?

On the basis of their mode of formation, plains can be classified into structural plains, erosional plains and depositional plains.

What is the synonym word of plain?

adj.clear, obvious. adj.straightforward in speech. adj.normal, everyday. adj.unembellished, basic. adj.ugly.

What is the synonym of Plains?

1’the vast treeless plains of North America’ grassland, flatland, lowland, pasture, meadowland, open country, prairie, savannah, steppe. tableland, tundra, pampas, campo, llano, vega. veld.

What does being plain-looking mean?

not beautiful, distinctive
not beautiful, distinctive, or remarkable in appearance. That girl is so plain-looking!

What does plain mean in Old English?

Ordinary; lacking adornment or ornamentation; unembellished. [ from 14th c.] quotations ▼ He was dressed simply in plain black clothes.

Does plain mean unattractive?

“Plain” is used to refer to someone who is not particularly attractive but not necessarily fea. For whatever reason, “ugly” is used for both sexes but “plain” is usually reserved for women. There are other meanings of “plain” that have nothing to do with appearance.

What are the 3 types of plains?