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What is a patriarchy quizlet?

What is a patriarchy quizlet?

Patriarchy. a society in which male members have more social and political power than female members.

What is patriarchy sociology quizlet?

patriarchy. a form of social organization in which males dominate females. sexism. the belief that one sex is innately superior to the other.

What is the literal meaning of the Latin word patriarchy?

Etymology and usage Patriarchy literally means “the rule of the father” and comes from the Greek πατριάρχης (patriarkhēs), “father or chief of a race”, which is a compound of πατριά (patria), “lineage, descent, family, fatherland” (from πατήρ patēr, “father”) and ἀρχή (arkhē), “domination, authority, sovereignty”.

What does the term gender refers to quizlet?

Terms in this set (21) Define Gender: Refers to the social and psychological characteristic associated with being female or male.

Which of the following is the best definition of patriarchy?

Patriarchy is commonly described as „a system of social structures and practices, in which men govern, oppress and exploit women”. Patriarchal violence is then any kind of violence that creates or maintains men’s power and dominance, or avenges the loss of their power.

What does patriarchy mean in feminism?

Concept of Patriarchy Patriarchy refers to the male domination both in public and private spheres. Feminists mainly use the term ‘patriarchy’ to describe the power relationship between men and women.

What is patriarchy sociology?

How is patriarchy different from matriarchy quizlet?

Which is more common? Patriarchy is a form of social organization in which men dominate women through control for the economic, cultural, and political institutions of a society. In contrast, matriarchies are a form of social organization in which women dominate men through control of the major social institutions.

What is patriarchy example?

An example of a patriarchy is when the family name comes from the man in the family. The dominance of men in social or cultural systems. Government, rule, or domination by men, as in a family or tribe. A social system in which the father is head of the household, having authority over women and children.

What does the term patriarchy mean in sociology?

Which pair of terms refers to social gender?

turning sex categories into gender identities through personal interactions. (Q012) Most people who have cosmetic surgery choose procedures that do what? enhance the differences between the sexes. (Q013) Which pair of terms refers to social gender? woman and man.

What is gender quizlet sociology?

Gender. As used by sociologists,, refers to the way in which social forces structure how being male or female affects what is expected of you, how you are treated, what opportunities you have, and the results for individual men and women.