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What is a Cobblefield?

What is a Cobblefield?

cobble field (English) A low angle sediment shoreline or shallow reef flat surface feature dominated by boulder and/or cobble size materials; may include rubble. (

How thick is Boral Cultured Stone?

With a height of 2 3⁄4″ a length of 8 3⁄16″ a thickness of 3⁄4″ and corner returns of 8 1⁄4″ – 3 5⁄8″ Handmade brick allows for easy installation and aesthetic beauty to your project.

Where is Boral Cultured Stone made?

Napa, California
A. Cultured Stone® products are manufactured by Boral Stone Products LLC. Cultured Stone® products have over 50 years of proven performance globally. Production facilities are located in Napa, California and Chester, South Carolina.

What is the difference between stone veneer and Cultured Stone?

Natural stone veneer features imperfections, textures and tonal variation that has formed over thousands of years. Manufactured cultured stone veneer, on the other hand, is a man-made product designed to resemble natural stone.

Is cultured stone real stone?

So what is cultured stone and how is a cultured stone made? Cultured stone is a man-made product that is created and designed to echo natural stone in appearance, but is lighter and therefore easier to install. Its ingredients are concrete and aggregate materials pressed into molds.

How much does cultured stone cost?

Average Cost of Stone Siding Materials

Material Per Square Foot How Is It Sold?
Real Solid Stone $42 By Square Foot
Veneer $11 By Sheet (size varies)
Faux $6 – $10 By Sheet (size varies)
Cultured $5 – $8 By Square Foot

Is Cultured Stone more expensive than real stone?

Cultured stone might be cheaper, but it also will not last as long. Natural stone does not cost that much more upfront, and it will last longer and maintain its high-quality appearance for many years to come.

Should cultured stone be sealed?

If you don’t seal your Custom Stone Veneer you risk it becoming saturated and could break, crack, or lose color. Also, sealing your stone will help protect the Stone Veneer from mud and dirt stains. However, if your custom stone is on the interior of your home it’s not mandatory, but it is recommended.

How long does cultured stone last?

Artificial stone veneer siding is long-lasting and durable. Manufacturers’ warranties range from 20 to 75 years. If properly installed, faux stone veneer siding is maintenance-free and more fire-resistant than wood or vinyl siding.