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What happened to Terramite?

What happened to Terramite?

Terramite closed its West Virginia plant on Dec. 19, and laid off all of its employees. Coneqtec interviewed those workers and rehired most of them to return to work at the plant the following Monday. Wichita-based Coneqtec is a privately held manufacturer of hydraulic attachments and kits for construction equipment.

Who makes Terramite tractor?

TerraQuip Construction Products Inc
Terramite by TerraQuip Construction Products Inc.

How much does a Terramite cost?

Available Options:

Rate Price
Day $295.00 Add to Cart
Week $885.00 Add to Cart
4 Weeks $2,655.00 Add to Cart

Who bought Terramite?

New owner Huichen Xu, who owns a Chinese manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, told the Charleston Daily Mail that although he may import Chinese-made construction equipment to sell in the U.S., his primary focus is to revive and grow the Terramite product by growing the company’s Cross Lanes, West Va..

What is a Terramite?

Terramite is the original manufacturer of compact tractor loader backhoes.

How much is a new Terramite backhoe?

Pricing on the T7 starts at around $31,000. As you add special features and accessories, the price goes up. The same is true for used models, which start at around $11,000.

How much does a Terramite tractor weigh?

It weighs 3,180 pounds, with a loader lift capacity of 1,700 pounds and backhoe breakout force of 5,900 pounds. Its rigid frame and all-steel construction make it a durable powerhouse despite its compact size.

How much does a Terramite T9 weight?

2001 Terramite T9 4WD Compact Tractor Loader Backhoe, 31 Horsepower Perkins Diesel Engine, Hydro- static transmission, 60″ Bucket, 20″ Backhoe Bucket, 4960 operating weight, 23/10.512 front tires and 31×15.

What hydraulic fluid does a Terramite T5C use?

Terramite’s T5C is a compact tractor loader backhoe. Small enough to load on a trailer and pull with a standard truck, it is used by utilities, independent contractors, cemeteries, golf courses, and plumbers. The T5C hydraulic system uses standard automotive engine oil, not hydraulic fluid.