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What happened to RMS Beauty?

What happened to RMS Beauty?

Highlander Partners L.P., a Dallas-based private investment firm, has acquired RMS Beauty, a brand driving the industry shift to clean beauty.

Who is the owner of RMS Beauty?

Rose-Marie Swift
Rose-Marie Swift was a beauty industry icon long before she launched her cult-favorite line, RMS Beauty, in 2009. The now 65-year-old traveled the world as a makeup artist, a favorite of Vogue and a frequent collaborator with noted photographers like Annie Leibovitz and Patrick Demarchelier.

Where is RMS Beauty manufactured?

Where is RMS Beauty manufactured? RMS Beauty is made in the US. As standard manufacturing processes can render even organic ingredients toxic, the brand takes great care to preserve the coconut oil’s antioxidants, healing enzymes, and vitamins.

What does byrdie clean mean?

Byrdie Clean: This means the product fulfills our Clean Beauty Pledge and does not contain any of the ingredients listed in the pledge.

What does RMS Beauty stand for?

rms is the initials of Rose-Marie Swift, who created this line of color cosmetics. It also stands for “Real Make-up Secrets” and “Right Mental State”.

What does RMS stand for Titanic?

Royal Mail Steamer
Not many people know that RMS stands for Royal Mail Ship – at the time though it stood for ‘Royal Mail Steamer’ – indicating that the Titanic was contracted to carry mail.

What does RMS stand for in RMS Beauty?

Is RMS makeup cruelty free?

As such, all RMS Beauty products, as well as the individual ingredients themselves, are not tested on animals. Many of our ingredients are sourced and formulated in-house, giving us more control over our products and how they are created.

Does RMS expire?

At RMS Beauty we suggest using all of our cream products 1 year after opening.

What’s byrdie?

Byrdie is an online and mobile content platform bringing you all the best in beauty, wellness, and style—the best products on the market, to the latest celebrity trends, to timeless and instructional “how-tos.” Byrdie was launched in Los Angeles in 2013.

What makeup does taylor swift use?

The singer’s favorite makeup products In fact, just a bit of MAC Studio Tech NW20 Foundation will do, blending water, emollients, and powder to create a “fresh, flawless texture.” Once that’s done, Taylor Swift combines her eyeliner tricks and brown shadow with some shimmer for good measure.

What does SS on a ship mean?

Ship prefixes used on merchant vessels are mainly to point out the propulsion technique employed in the ship, such as the abbreviation “SS” means “steamship”, indicating that the ship runs on steam propulsion.