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What goes well with Slurpee?

What goes well with Slurpee?

What Alcohol Pairs Best with 7-Eleven Slurpees?

  • Rum and Coca-Cola: If you even have to think twice about this, put the bottle down.
  • Vodka and Fanta Blue Raspberry: Something neutral for the very, very blue-flavored Slurpee.
  • Tequila and Watermelon-Lime: A poor man’s margarita!

What is the most popular Slurpee flavor?

Coca-Cola. We can all agree that the most classic choice in both the soda fountain and Slurpee realm is Coca-Cola. Just as it’s the world’s favorite and biggest-selling soft drink, so too is Coca-Cola’s widespread appeal as the best Slurpee flavor.

Is 7/11 still doing the free slushies 2021?

Free Slurpee Day 2021: 7-Eleven giving away freebie 7/11 and throughout July with app. 7-Eleven’s birthday freebie is here for 7/11 and beyond. But unlike past years, the free Slurpee giveaway isn’t a one-day deal but rather a monthlong offer redeemable in July for members of the chain’s 7Rewards loyalty program.

Is it free slushy day at 7 11?

Every summer, thousands of 7-Eleven stores around the country celebrate the franchise’s unofficial birthday on July 11 (7-11) by hosting 7/11 Day, otherwise known as Free Slurpee Day. It’s a time where the whole family can visit their local convenience store and enjoy the sweet taste of another summer.

Can you mix Slurpee Flavours?

If you mix citrus flavors together, like Sprite with Lime or Orange, it’s pretty good. I like to mix 1/2 grape and 1/2 cherry.. can’t go wrong with those 2 together! cream soda and grape would be good!

Can you put alcohol in a Slurpee?

It’s like a slap to the face, only tastier. Did we just mix a Slurpee drink with booze? You bet we did and it’s delicious. Grab your favorite Slurpee flavors, add some ice-cold booze and voila!

Are refills free at 7-Eleven?

Purchasers can refill for free with any size Slurpee drink, Big Gulp drink, fountain drink or coffee. At checkout, the 7-Eleven employee will scan the cup owner’s 7Rewards barcode in the app.

Is ICEE and Slurpee the same?

Turns out there is actually no difference at all between Slurpees and Icees. They’re both made by the Icee Company. Exact same drink. It’s just that 7-Eleven has a licensing deal to call them “Slurpees”.

What day is free Slurpee day?

July 11
Traditionally, Free Slurpee Day takes place yearly on July 11 (because it’s 7/11, duh!), and it’s filled with all the Slurpees you can drink. Really, you can usually even bring your own cup to make for the ultimate trip!

Is free Slurpee month?

U.S. National Free Slurpee Day is on July 11 and we can’t wait to get our sugar fix while beating the heat, for free….National Free Slurpee Day dates.

Year Date Day
2026 July 11 Saturday

What is it called when you mix all the Slurpee flavors?

The “Suicide Slurpee” takes serious guts. You’ve got to be pretty damn daring to attempt this, which involves mixing every single flavor from the row of dispensers — which could range from cola to bubble gum to sour apple.

Can you mix Slurpee?

Mixing slurpees is fun because you get to try out all sorts flavors, but not really. I preffer to have maybe 2 or just one flavors. I usually mix Coke/Orange Crush or Orange Crush/Lime Crush. Sometimes I mix 80% Coke with 20% of whatever I feel like trying, so that I can usually finish it before it melts and mixes.