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What episode of Hawaii Five O does Steve get hit by a car?

What episode of Hawaii Five O does Steve get hit by a car?

I Helu Pu (episode)

What episode of Hawaii Five O does Grace get in a car accident?

McGarrett and the team support Danny & Rachel by determining what happened when Grace gets into a life-threating car accident; Tani helps Koa when his rehab patient goes missing.

Did Steve McGarrett get shot?

Danny is in the ambulance with him. Danny does not get himself checked out at the ER at Tripler. He notes he has busted ribs to someone and then immediately leaves to avenge Steve. Steve McGarrett is shot in the arm, chest and lower torso.

What episode does McGarrett get radiation poisoning?

Then, afterward, McGarrett explained to Danny that he’s been a bit off his game because of radiation poisoning from the dirty bomb on Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 18. The bonus was that he’s now grown a second liver, so he has a spare after his next death-defying stunt.

When did Wo Fat get burned?

Wo Fat was later severely injured during a gunfight, which involved his helicopter being shot down and receiving burns around the left side of his body, in the jungle, where he begged Steve to kill him.

Does Catherine come back Hawaii Five-O?

So it definitely came as a surprise when the creators decided to bring her back into McGarrett’s life after 4 long seasons. While speaking with TVLine, showrunner Peter M Lenkov indulged on why he brought Catherine back.

What happened to Grace Danny’s daughter on Hawaii Five O?

In “A Bruise Inflicted on an Innocent Person Vanishes Quickly”, Grace ends up in a car accident along with a friend and they all assume that she was responsible, but was proven otherwise and was welcomed home by the Five-0 team.

Is Charlie Danny’s son?

He has a son. At the end of Season 5, Rachel revealed that Charlie is actually Danny’s son from when the two had an affair. She also revealed that Charlie had a serious illness. Thankfully, Danny was a match as a bone-marrow donor and saved his son’s life.

Who Shot in Hawaii Five O?

Steve gets shot. Hawaii Five-0 season 6 finale | Hawaii five o, Hawaii, Steve mc.

Who shot Jerry on Hawaii 5 0?

Azra Hassan
After a cliffhanger ending concluded season 9, Friday’s season 10 premiere revealed that Garcia’s character had been shot by Azra Hassan (Yasmin Dar), and saw Jerry deciding to depart the Five-0 team after recuperating.

What episode of Hawaii Five O does Danny poison?

Danny is exposed to sarin while Five-0 tries to track down Wo Fat, and Chin Ho’s plan to quietly return the money his uncle stole hits a snag.

Did Steve and Lynn break up?

In a subsequent episode later that season MI6 agent Harry Langford tells Steve that his deceased wife was “the only one he ever let in” to which McGarrett replies that he “got one of those” but has “no chance of getting her back”. In the season nine premiere, it is revealed that he has broken up with Lynn.