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What does Ypj mean?

What does Ypj mean?

Women’s Protection Units
Kurdish: Yekîneyên Parastina Jin (YPJ) Arabic: وحدات حماية المرأة
Flag of the YPJ
Active April 2013–present
Allegiance Kurdish Supreme Committee (2013) Rojava (2013–present) Democratic Union Party (2013–present)

Who are the peshmerga fighters?

The Peshmerga (Kurdish: پێشمەرگه, romanized: Pêşmerge, lit. ‘those who face death’) is the Kurdish branch of the Iraqi Armed Forces. They are the military forces of the autonomous Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Are Yazidis and Kurds the same?

In the autonomous Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Yazidis are considered ethnic Kurds and the autonomous region considers Yazidis to be the “original Kurds”. The sole Yazidi parliamentarian in the Iraqi Parliament Vian Dakhil also stated her opposition to any move separating Yazidis from Kurds.

Are Yazidis polytheists?

The Islamic State’s ideology defines the Yazidis as polytheists who have no right to exist under Islamic rule. In many instances, captured Yazidis were given the “choice” of conversion or death and enslavement.

Where do Kurdish people come from?

Most of the Kurds live in contiguous areas of Iran, Iraq, and Turkey—a somewhat loosely defined geographic region generally referred to as Kurdistan (“Land of the Kurds”).

What is the Kurds religion?

Nearly all Iraqi Kurds consider themselves Sunni Muslims. In our survey, 98% of Kurds in Iraq identified themselves as Sunnis and only 2% identified as Shias. (A small minority of Iraqi Kurds, including Yazidis, are not Muslims.) But being a Kurd does not necessarily mean alignment with a particular religious sect.

Who trains Peshmerga?

Up to 150 German soldiers are to train Peshmerga fighters and members of the Iraqi security forces. The German Bundestag must still approve the Cabinet decision. The German government is to expand the action it is taking against the IS terrorist organisation.

What does YPG stand for?

People’s Defense Units
Yekîneyên Parastina Gel (YPG) ‏وحدات حماية الشعب‎‎
YPG gen-com emblem
Active 2011–present
Allegiance Kurdish Supreme Committee (2011–2013) Rojava (2013–present)

Who is the God of Yazidi?

Malak Taus is considered God’s alter ego, inseparable from Him, and to that extent Yazidism is monotheistic. Yazidis pray to Malak Taus five times a day. His other name is Shaytan, which is Arabic for devil, and this has led to the Yazidis being mislabelled as “devil-worshippers”.