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What does the Ara Pacis augustae represent?

What does the Ara Pacis augustae represent?

Article. The Ara Pacis Augustae or Altar of the Augustan Peace in Rome was built to celebrate the return of Augustus in 13 BCE from his campaigns in Spain and Gaul. The marble structure, which once stood on the Campus Martius, is a masterpiece of Roman sculpture and, in particular, of portraiture.

What was the motivation behind Augustus construction of the Ara Pacis augustae?

The structure was commissioned in 13 bce to commemorate Augustus’s return from the provinces of Gaul, where he had spent three years supervising the administration of the region.

What did the Ara Pacis depict?

On the eastern wall, panels depicted the seated figures of Roma and Pax, while the western side depicts the discovery of the twins and she-wolf and the sacrifice of a figure traditionally identified as Aeneas, but increasingly believed to be Rome’s second king, Numa Pompilius.

What form of art is Ara Pacis?

Roman sculpture
An unusually muted form of triumphal Roman architecture, but one of the greatest examples of early Roman sculpture, the Ara Pacis Augustae (Latin for “Altar of Augustan Peace”) consists of a stone table of sacrifice within a walled precinct, whose walls are pierced by entrances on the east and west.

What is the significance of the Ara Pacis in terms of propaganda?

The Ara Pacis is a prime example of the propaganda Augustus employed to promote the Pax Romana, and depicts images of Roman gods and the city of Rome personified amidst wealth and prosperity.

What motives were behind the design of the Augustan forum?

Just as Caesar had constructed his own forum to relieve the congestion of the Forum Romanum (Cicero, Ad Atticum, IV. 16), so the Forum of Augustus was built to provide additional space for the law courts, where criminal prosecutions and the selection of jurors were to be held (Suetonius, XXIX. 1-2).

What was depicted on the Ara Pacis quizlet?

What scene is portrayed on the left panel of the entrance? Romulus and Remus are in front of the cave where they were raised by the she-wolf. The children are being suckled by the wolf. The shepherd who found the boys is also depicted.

What function did the architectural device of Coffering perform?

coffer, in architecture, a square or polygonal ornamental sunken panel used in a series as decoration for a ceiling or vault.

How is the Ara Pacis augustae propaganda?

What possible argument can be made about the Ara Pacis?

The Roman state religion in microcosm It could perhaps be argued that the Ara Pacis Augustae—the Altar of Augustan Peace—represents in luxurious, stately microcosm the practices of the Roman state religion in a way that is simultaneously elegant and pragmatic.

Who built the Arch of Augustus?

This Roman triumphal arch is the oldest of its kind in northern Italy and was commissioned by Emperor Augustus in 27 BC. It marked the entrance to Rimini for travellers on the Flaminian Way built by Consul Flaminius in 220 BC to link Rimini and Rome. The arch stands an impressive 17m high on modern-day Corso d’Augusto.

What was the Forum of Augustus built out of?

Carrara marble
The forum is made of ashlar blocks of peperino tufa with Carrara marble. Its construction also includes colonnades made of giallo antico, from Numidia, with the second storey of colonnades made from africano and pavonazzetto.