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What does Polo Double Black smell like?

What does Polo Double Black smell like?

Intensely edgy, Polo Double Black is a sexy and exotic blend of spiced mango, addictive coffee, and sensual nutmeg intensified with the mysterious warmth of cardamom. It’s a dark, woody experience that pulsates with a purely masculine sophistication. Notes: Spiced Mango, Coffee, Nutmeg, Vetiver, Cardamom.

What Does Polo Black cologne smell like?

Some classics never die, and Ralph Lauren’s Polo Black fragrance stands the test of time. A bold fusion of iced mango, lemon, and tangerine is combined with sandalwood, sage, and patchouli noir for a bittersweet end result. Bold and aromatic, it’s the ultimate scent to get noticed in.

Is Polo Classic the same as Polo Black?

Classic Match fragrances are not associated with Polo Black, which is the trademark of the brand name manufacturer.

Is Polo Black long lasting?

Polo Black is a moderate type of fragrance with good projection, but it isn’t really great, in that regard. The longevity is also moderate, it is usually better than Double Black, which only lasts 4-5 hours on my skin.

Is Polo Black the same as double black?

Double Black also contains the mango note, though, it is a background player and from the start it is a spicy/smooth blend of pepper and coffee. Polo Black also has citrus notes which gives it that extra bit of something, that sets it apart at the opening.

How Long Does Polo Black last?

Polo Black men’s cologne has a moderate longevity rate. You can expect to get about six hours out of the scent. Its projection is also not the strongest, but it’s more than enough for close contact. Its blend of citrus and more earthy scents makes Black an excellent cologne for both work and casual play.

Is Polo Black strong?

I love Polo Black. The scent lasts all day long. It has a bit of a fruit smell to it. Its not too strong. Very refreshing.

Is Polo Black cologne good?

Is Polo a good cologne?

Polo is a fantastic and woodsy aromatic for the gentleman who is bold and like to stand out. It starts out quite dry with leather and pine notes and then transitions into a rich tobacco and patchouli blend that is smoky and intriguing. An absolute monster in terms of sillage and performance.

Does Polo Black have pheromones?

Very musky scent and wonderful with his pheromones.

What does polo blue smell like?

Ralph Lauren, Polo Blue is a cologne for men that is reminiscent of the water. Its initial aroma is that of the fresh scent of bergamot, melon, and cucumber. This layered cologne transforms into notes of geranium and a mid sage note, then finishes with a more masculine musk, suede, and patchouli scent.

How long does Polo cologne last?

The longevity was about 7-8 hours, on my skin. Again, it’s solid, just not going to be shockingly good at sticking around. For most purposes, Polo Cologne Intense will get the job done. Seasonally, Polo Cologne Intense is actually very versatile.