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What does philodendron mean in Latin?

What does philodendron mean in Latin?

lover of trees
C19: New Latin from Greek: lover of trees.

What does philodendron mean in Greek?

The name derives from the Greek words philo- or “love, affection” and dendron or “tree”. The generic name, Philodendron, is often used as the English name, “philodendron”.

What is the scientific name for philodendron?

PhilodendronPhilodendron / Scientific name

Thaumatophyllum bipinnatifidum (common names: split-leaf philodendron, lacy tree philodendron, selloum, horsehead philodendron) is a plant in the genus Thaumatophyllum, in the family Araceae.

What is philodendron used for?

The philodendron is a type of flowering plant and it is a common species of plant used for indoor decoration. There are a variety of reasons why these indoor plants are used for homes and businesses, but the main reasons people like them are they look great and can really add charm and appeal to indoor spaces.

What does Monstera mean in Latin?

The name Monstera may derive from the Latin monstrum, meaning monster, in reference to the leaves, but this is uncertain. The specific epithet, deliciosa, means delicious, which refers to the edible fruit.

What is philodendron white princess?

What is the Philodendron White Princess? The White Princess is a Philodendron variety with dazzling green and white foliage. Take this gorgeous plant indoors – it thrives best under bright indirect sunlight. Its low-maintenance nature makes it perfect for first-time plant parents.

Is philodendron a lucky plant?

Philodendron is a common house plant, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t special. The shape of its leaves look uncannily similar to a heart and represents the “fire element” in Feng Shui. These plants are said to bring in light and positive energy into the home, without needing much sunlight to thrive.

Is a philodendron a money plant?

pothos, (Epipremnum aureum), also called golden pothos, money plant, or devil’s ivy, hardy indoor foliage plant of the arum family (Araceae) native to southeastern Asia. It resembles, and thus is often confused with, the common philodendron.

What is the most rare philodendron?

What is the rarest Philodendron? The rarest Philodendron on this list is the Philodendron Spiritus Sancti. With only a handful of these unique foliaged beauties in the wild, this endangered species is the rarest Philodendron variety. This plant is also one of the most expensive Philodendron varieties available.

Is philodendron toxic to humans?

Philodendron (and Monstera) This genus of plants is mildly toxic to humans, and toxic to both dogs and cats. Symptoms of exposure include: Oral irritation, pain and swelling of mouth, tongue and lips, excessive drooling, vomiting, and difficulty swallowing.

What is the difference between philodendron and Monstera?

The difference between the two is the shape and size of the leaves. The philodendron has smaller leaves, which are split rather than fenestrated. They also have a feather-like shape, while Monstera leaves are round and heart-shaped.

Is a Monstera a philodendron?

But the monstera is not, technically speaking, a philodendron at all. Both the monstera and true philodendrons are part of the arum family, a much larger group of plants that also includes the ever-popular pothos, one of the world’s prettiest and easiest houseplants.