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What does a new Nordhavn cost?

What does a new Nordhavn cost?

around US$1.5 million
Prices for the new Nordhavn 51 will start at around US$1.5 million excluding taxes and delivery. That includes a comprehensive sailaway spec, which according to Nordhavn’s director of marketing Jenny Stern covers pretty much everything you’d need, bar a watermaker and tender.

How much does a Nordhavn 86 cost?

$5,995,000 USD

NAME: “Pirate Radio”
MODEL: Nordhavn 86
YEAR: 2009
PRICE: $5,995,000 USD

What does a Nordhavn 76 cost?

Yet despite this elevated level of customisation, the 76 kicks off at a distinctly production boat price of just over £3 million (exc. VAT).

How much does a Nordhavn 96 cost?


Price: $11,200,000
Length: 96 ft
Display Length:
Beam: 24 ft
Max Draft: 8.5 ft

What does a Nordhavn 43 cost?

Pricing and Recommendation Base price of the Nordhavn 43 is $695,000, but most buyers add an average of $200,000 more in extras and electronics.

Where is Nordhavn built?

Dana Point, California
Nordhavn is a trade name of a line of ocean-going trawler-styled motor yachts designed and produced by Pacific Asian Enterprises, Inc. (PAE) of Dana Point, California.

Are Nordhavn any good?

They are slow – They’re built for long range cruising, their systems are redundant, their bullet proof, I understand, but they are slow. When 7 knots is top speed, that’s very slow; if you ever really want to move fast, a Nordhavn is not capable of doing so.

Who owns Nordhavn 60 encore?

TJ & Natalie
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“Encore” Nordhavn 60 TJ & Natalie
“Enfin” Nordhavn 40#23 Eric and Di-Enid Clarke
“Envoy” Nordhavn 46#19 Laurence & Diane Cranfield
“Ghost Rider II “ Nordhavn 50#21 Rick & Michelle Riordan

What is the range of a Nordhavn 43?

around 3,000nm
But the heart of the Nordhavn 43 is an absolutely bomb-proof, long-range engine, specifically a 160hp Lugger 1066, which gives this remarkable 43ft boat a Transatlantic range of around 3,000nm.

What is the range of a Nordhavn 40?

Powered by a standard John Deere 107-hp 4045 with a dry exhaust system, the Nordhavn 40 has a range of about 2,400 nautical miles running at seven knots. The boat comes with a wing engine, too, which you can use as a get-home power plant if you have trouble with the main.

Are Nordhavn boats Steel?

Much of the hardware used on Nordhavns is custom made to P.A.E. specifications, and is of the highest-grade stainless steel. Hatches, doors, windows, deck boxes, storage bins and lazarettes are all built to take decades of strenuous use.

What is the range of a Nordhavn 60?

The additional five feet also mean a larger boat deck up top, so there’s more room for a larger tender or more water toys. The extra footage also means a slightly higher speed and longer range; the 55 tops out at 9.5 knots, with a range of 1,500 nm. Dialing back to 8.25 knots, the range doubles to 3,000 nm.

What is a Nordhavn boat?

Nordhavn models span in size and length from 35 feet to 143 feet with unique boat hull types including displacement and semi-displacement. They are frequently used for traditional, time-honored activities such as overnight cruising. Nordhavn manufactures models with inboard propulsion systems, available in diesel fuel systems.

What makes the Nordhavn motorsailer so special?

The motorsailer features the world class fit and finish Nordhavns are known for and includes superb electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems that are a result of PAE’s vast offshore experience. Typical of the Nordhavn line, the motorsailer includes the finest equipment and interior styling.

Is Nordhavn 41 on display at flibs?

Breaking news: Nordhavn 41 will be on display at FLIBS! Nordhavn 41 wins Best Design at the IYAA! Kitimat to Victoria Ocean Adventure! Heading Home! Part 7