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What are the different types of Southern accents?

What are the different types of Southern accents?

Different Types of Southern Accents

  • Coastal/Lowland Southern English: This can be thought of as the classic Southern accent.
  • Inland/Mountain Southern English: This is the dialect often heard from people living in areas like Appalachia, Texas, and Tennessee.

How do you not have a southern accent?

Pronounce your vowels and consonants more clearly and quickly.

  1. “Clip” or shorten your vowels.
  2. You can try to speak with your mouth in more of a circular shape to achieve the effect of rounding out your vowels instead of flattening them.
  3. Place the accent on the second syllable of words such as cement and umbrella.

What do Southerners say weird?

Words Southerners Say Weird caint – can’t (I caint do that.) fitt’in – fixing to, about to (I’m fitt’in to buy one.) fitty – fifty (Can I borrow fitty cents?) i’moan – I am going to (I’moan go to that game.)

What words do Southerners say differently?

Here are eight of the most perplexing Southern words that people from other places simply wouldn’t understand.

  • ‘Coke’ Billionaire Warren Buffett says he drinks five Cokes a day.
  • ‘Fixing’ Shutterstock.
  • ‘Barbecue’ Flickr / Carlos Pacheco.
  • ‘Buggy’
  • ‘Mash’
  • ‘Yankee’
  • ‘Sweeper’
  • ‘Foot’

How do you say hello in Southern accent?

Howdy. This is a Southern way to say hello. Howdy!

How do you get a Southern accent?

Drop your “g”s. Say your words as though there is no “g” at the end. This is common to most Southern accents. For example, say “fixin'” instead of “fixing” and “fishin'” instead of “fishing.” You don’t have to do this with words like “thing” or “dog,” but words with an “ing” should lose their “g”s.

Where is the Southern accent strongest?

Another 16% say the Southern coast has the strongest regional accent, while New York and Texas were tied, with 13% saying these states had the strongest accents.

How can I lose my English speaking accent?

How To Effectively Reduce Your Accent in English!

  1. Focus on reduction, not elimination.
  2. Slow down and enunciate your words.
  3. Listen to an audiobook while reading the book.
  4. Feel the rhythm while you learn English.
  5. Read to yourself as you learn English.
  6. Perfect your pronunciation of “Th-”
  7. Record yourself speaking.

What do Southerners call the toilet?

“Commode” While the commode may sound like the fancy captain’s quarters on a cruise ship, it’s really just another word for the toilet. You’re more likely to hear a Southerner say this phrase than restroom or potty.