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What are the 5 surprising facts about lemurs?

What are the 5 surprising facts about lemurs?

Stink Fights and Two Tongues? 5 Surprising Facts About Lemurs

  • Lemurs are not monkeys or apes.
  • Lemurs come in all shapes and sizes.
  • Male ring-tailed lemurs settle disputes by ‘stink fighting.
  • Lemurs keep their fur neat and tidy with a tooth comb and two tongues.

Do lemurs have personalities?

Ring-tailed lemurs, primate cousins that live in groups of up to two dozen on the island of Madagascar, have distinct personalities that drive their social behavior, a new study of group dynamics suggests. “… social connectedness influences health, immunity, survival. This is true for animals as well as humans.”

How smart are lemurs?

Lemurs are primates, as are monkeys, apes and humans. But they are considered far less intelligent. “The little bit of research that’s out there suggests their learning capacities are not as sophisticated as those of monkeys,” said psychologist Elizabeth Brannon, who led the research.

Are lemurs friendly?

Pet lemurs are often extremely aggressive toward humans. These animals pose a considerable threat to caregiver safety due to an increased risk of grabbing, biting, and scratching.

Are lemurs aggressive?

Are lemurs anxious?

The finding indicated that new situations made those primates anxious. “There’s actually evidence of heritability in these traits,” lead author Jennifer Verdolin told National Geographic, meaning that a lemur’s boldness or shyness may have been passed down along its family tree.

Do lemurs have good memory?

In review, a lemur species’ diet may have some impact on certain cognitive abilities, especially spatial memory. Thanks to recent research findings, there is evidence that lemur species with a more frugivorous diet (such as ruffed lemurs) have a more robust spatial memory than lemur species with a folivorous diet.

Are lemurs nice or mean?

4) Lemurs are Wild Animals They are wild animals and therefore do not make good domestic pets, they will always want to be in the wild. They are also social creatures that need to stay in groups. Owning a single lemur is cruel and detrimental to the health of the individual.

Are lemurs smarter than apes?

Research in 2004 found lemurs to be smarter than generally thought: Until now, primatologists believed lemurs to be primitive, ancient offshoots of the primate family tree, with far less intelligence than their more sophisticated cousins, monkeys, apes and humans.