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What are PME courses?

What are PME courses?

Professional Military Education (PME) refers to the professional training, development, and schooling of military personnel. It encompasses many schools, universities, and training programs designed to foster leadership in military service members.

Is JPME required?

Joint Professional Military Education JPME Phase I is required for an officer to take O-5 command for which the command at sea insignia is authorized. NAVADMIN 247/19. JPME Phase I is no longer required to screen for command.

How long is JPME phase1?

41 weeks
Classes are taught using Blackboard, the Learning Management System, and students can take these classes anywhere using a compatible computer or mobile device. The duration of this program typically lasts 41 weeks.

What is JPME phase2?

JPME Phase II completes the process of joint education for officers who qualified as joint qualified officers (JQOs). JCWS instructs students on the integrated strategic deployment, employment, sustainment, conflict termination, and redeployment of joint forces.

What is PME certificate?

The Synergy PME Certification will confirm your Project Management knowledge with documentary evidence strengthening your positions in the company or even applying for a new job. PME certified professionals gain increased recognition from their peers for taking extra step in professional development.

What are the 5 military education levels?

a. The continuum structures the development of Service and joint officers by organizing the PME continuum into five military educational levels: precommissioning, primary, intermediate, senior, and GO/FO.

Is JPME a masters degree?

JPME Phase I & Master’s Degree. The Master of Arts in Defense and Strategic Studies is a 10-month curriculum for resident students divided into trimesters with core teachings and electives. Core courses are primarily taught in seminar format but include capstone exercises, wargame participation, and writing assignments …

What is the purpose of JPME?

What is JPME? Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) is a collection of joint learning objectives that comprise the educational requirement for an officer to earn a Joint Qualified Officer (JQO) designation.

What is Navy PPME?

Joint Professional Military Education (JPME), Primary Professional Military Education (PPME), college diplomas and other certifications are good examples of documents that can be sent to the board with a cover letter.

How do I complete JPME?

Students can complete JPME Phase I by completing the three core courses (JMO, S&W, TSDM) through any of the four programs (Fleet Seminar, NWC-at-NPS, Web-Enabled, CDROM-Based) or by mixing courses completed in any of the four programs.

What is PME Saudi Arabia?

PME . Presidency of Meteorology and Environment The national authority providing or arranging for the provision of meteorological service for international air navigation in KSA.

What is a joint qualified officer?

Reserve component officers an opportunity to earn joint qualifications. upon completion of the requisite joint professional military education and. completion of a full tour of duty in a joint assignment (via either the. standard path or the experience path) Transition provisions for Active.