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Was Moira pregnant in As Time Goes By?

Was Moira pregnant in As Time Goes By?

She has two children. Had 2 children during the 11 year filming duration of “As Time Goes By”. Was noticeably pregnant in the final two episodes of the series.

What happened to Madge As Time Goes By?

Character Outlives Actor: Joan Sims (Madge) passed away before the final series was filmed. She was written out as being away on an expedition Rocky was uninterested in, and she simply wasn’t mentioned in the Reunion Special.

Is Lionel from As Time Goes By still alive?

Geoffrey Dyson Palmer OBE (4 June 1927 – 5 November 2020) was an English actor. He was best known for his roles in British television sitcoms playing Jimmy Anderson in The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin (1976–79), Ben Parkinson in Butterflies (1978–1983) and Lionel Hardcastle in As Time Goes By (1992–2005).

How old was Judi Dench when she made As Time Goes By?

Dench, 85, appeared alongside Palmer in BBC sitcom As Time Goes By, which ran from 1992 to 2005. The show featured the pair as two former lovers who marry each other after meeting again unexpectedly.

Who played Lionel’s ex wife in As Time Goes By?

Caroline Blakiston
“As Time Goes By” Lionel’s Ex-Wife (TV Episode 1996) – Caroline Blakiston as Margaret – IMDb.

Was Joan Sims alcoholic?

Sims had depression for many of her later years. This was worsened by the deaths of her agent Peter Eade, her best friend Hattie Jacques and her mother, all within a two-year period, after which she fell into alcoholism.

Is Joan Sims dead?

June 27, 2001Joan Sims / Date of death

What happened to Jeffrey Palmer?

Geoffrey Palmer, a British character actor whose career peaked during the long run of “As Time Goes By,” the romantic BBC sitcom in which he and Judi Dench played lovers reunited after 38 years apart, died on Nov. 5 at his home in Buckinghamshire, near London. He was 93.

Is Dame Judi Dench ill?

The aging starlet currently suffers from macular degeneration, a condition that leads to vision problems and typically affects adults over the age of 60. Dench admitted to the magazine that she can no longer read scripts that are sent to her, but she finds a way to stay positive.

Who played Margaret Butterworth in As Time Goes By?