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Is Topman still online?

Is Topman still online?

Topman was a UK-based multinational men’s fashion store chain founded by Burton (later renamed Arcadia) in 1978….Topman.

Logo since 2018
A flagship Topshop and Topman store in Leeds, December 2012
Defunct 2021
Fate Converted into an online store
Headquarters London, United Kingdom

Is there a Topshop in Australia?

Fashion chain Topshop has closed its doors in Australia for the last time. The British retailer, owned by Arcadia Group, closed its Sydney store on George Street and Market Street at 4pm on Saturday – On the day of the closure, the single level of the four-storey space that remained open was a baron wasteland.

Is Topshop still open online?

Yes, for now. While topshop is still trading, orders from the website will be being delivered as normal. If you want more information on how to track your online Topshop order, you can check out the website here.

What is Topman now?

Now officially part of the ASOS brand family, Topman ticks all the boxes with its range of easy-to-wear, on-trend clothing, shoes and accessories.

Why is Topman closing?

UK fast-fashion brand Topshop and Topman will be exiting all Hudson’s Bay stores in the fall after a 10 year run in Canada. The move comes after the administration filing of Topshop in the UK and its subsequent acquisition by ASOS which was finalized in February.

Why is Topshop closing down?

At the time, the company admitted the forced closure of stores as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic has had a “material impact on trading.” Asos said its acquisition of the four brands will “resonate” with its core customer base of “20-somethings” in the UK.

What happened to Topshop in Australia?

In 2017, Topshop Australia went into administration with debts of $35 million. Management was taken over directly by the brand’s owner, London based Arcadia Group. The Topshop concessions in Myer vanished almost overnight.

Is Topman going out of business?

The move comes after the administration filing of Topshop in the UK and its subsequent acquisition by ASOS which was finalized in February. All Topshop and Topman retail spaces in Canada will be shuttered by September 30, 2021 as a result.

Why did Topman shut down?

The Topshop, Topman and Miss Selfridge websites have closed after the brands were taken over by Asos earlier this week.

Is Topshop going out of business?

Topshop owner Arcadia Group went into administration (bankruptcy protection) in November of 2020 and ASOS acquired Topshop in February of this year. ASOS said that it was planning on closing all of Topshop/Topman’s stores while taking the brand online through ASOS’ channels.

Why is Topshop permanently closed?

The vintage-inspired brand announced just after the first lockdown started that it was permanently closing all of its 60 UK stores as part of a rescue deal with its Hong Kong-based owner, Baring Private Equity Asia.

Will Topshop ever come back?

Topshop is set to return to the US after Asos struck a deal with Nordstrom.